Team Building Sydney: Developing Your Team’s Listening Skills

March 22, 2017

team building sydney having fun!

Communication as a vital part of teamwork is a factor that greatly affects your team’s coordination and performance. Having good communication with the team also hinders misunderstanding. Highlighting the important role that communication plays at in developing your team will make you realize how it has been of least priority in the past.

Knowing that your team’s failures in the past are somewhat connected to poor communication will give a clearer goal for your team building Sydney activity. Being able to gear your team event towards the improvement of your team’s communication framework and skills will allow them to be better on performing their group and individual tasks.

Here are some tips that you can share with your team to help them improve their listening skills.

  • Hear more by talking less. What we usually do is we focus on our own purpose. We talk in order for us to be heard but we don’t pay attention when somebody else is presenting their ideas. To improve your team’s focus with listening you can ask them questions whenever there are team presentations. Your team might not notice it but in doing will so, you help them to develop their listening and information processing skills.
  • Avoid prejudice. We can never avoid having prejudice against people. Having this prejudice on the person that delivers the message also hinders us to fully hear them out. Their ideas might have not been brilliant in the past but giving them another shot also helps them build their confidence. Do not judge the idea based on the messenger.
  • Never assume. No matter how simple your idea is it will always be better if you ask the audience if they have fully understood all the information which was delivered to them. You might read their facial expressions as to that of understanding but it will be safe if they give you verbal confirmation that they fully understand you. You can ask them this question before you wrap up your presentation to provide them with clarifications on the points that they find confusing.
  • Do not force them to agree with you. Every team presentation and other team events are geared to develop ideas that can help the team to be more productive and to achieve great results. Your ideas can be brilliant when seen through your point of view but you need to be open to criticisms as well because other people might think that it is not. Never force your team to agree with your idea. Allow a two way process of communication that will result to a better outcome for everyone.

Raising your team to have better communication skills will not only benefit them professionally, having the right knowledge when communicating with other people improves a person’s intrapersonal skills that will enable him to adapt better in many different situations. There are a lot of other benefits that will make your members better team players when they learn the basic of communicating effectively.

If you want to try to test your team’s communicating skill, organizing a team event is the best choice. Give us a call today!

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