Questions that Will Help You Determine Your Team Building Goals

March 20, 2017

team building Sydney goals

Organizing a team building event in Australia can be a bit hard especially for first timers. Having no experience in organizing these types of events greatly affects the activity’s results. When everything else does not make sense during the planning stage, you can refer to the questions below to guide you on the choices of activities that you want for your team event.

  • What are your expectations? Establish your expectations before anything else. What are the things that you need to achieve through the team event that you will organize? Do you have a particular issue that you want resolved? Are you having difficulties managing the team? Do you want your team to get along with each other? Knowing the things that you expect for the team event will give you an idea on how you will go about with the plan for your team event. You can also have a clear understanding on what activities will help you realize the expectations that you’ve set.
  • Do you want a fun team event or a developmental team building activity? The very first thing that you need to determine when planning for a team activity is the kind theme of the event. Team building connotes different meanings to different people. Some people might only think of the fun and entertaining activities while others will point out that it is an opportunity for a positive experience to boost team morale and improve team work. Depending on the perspective that you want to take, create the plan on a continuum that will involve both fun and developmental focus for your team.
  • Where should you conduct the team event? Expenses wise, an onsite (inter office) event will give you more savings than taking your team outside the office for the event. However, most employees will be more relaxed if the event is done outside the premises of your office. It will also lessen the distraction, i.e. heading back to the office desks to check emails and other stuff during small breaks for the activity preparation. If you want to have your team event outside of the office, it will be best to contact team building providers that specializes in outdoor activities to make sure that the event will be properly organized.
  • How to can you check the success of your team activity? The best way to measure the event’s success is through a survey. Conduct a survey days before your team activity. This pre survey will also give you a picture in terms of your team members’ level of interaction, cooperation, closeness, communication and issues. Take note of the answers and see to it that you have this as reference in creating your team building plan. A month after your team event, you can organize the post survey to check what were the changes on your team. The post survey will also help you check if there is a need for a follow-up event.

 With the right team evaluation, you will be rest assured that the team building plan you are establishing will be the perfect plan that will address the issues within your team. Planning for a team event will be a lot easier if you have the right partner. Contact Beyond the Boardroom Australia now!


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