Team Building Sydney: How to Improve Team Communication

January 18, 2017

team building Sydney team communication

Working for a long time with the same team gives you a comfortable feeling and communicating with each other has become easier as your working relationship improves. Aside learning how to communicate with your team from team building Sydney events, you can also discover some communication know-hows from team sports like football.

The nature of these types of sports makes it a great resource when it comes to effective communication. Here’s a parallel explanation on how you can fuse a bit of football principles into your team communication framework.

  • Objectives – Just like the head coach in the football field, the role of the team leader also relies on keeping the communication lines of the team open. Aside from making sure that the team is well disciplines, giving instructions for the tasks and encouraging team members, the leader is also assigned the responsibility of establishing a feasible goal and vision for the team. These objectives should be set along with the expectations of the team. As the team leader, he should be able to clearly communicate the objectives and expectations to the team to make sure that everyone is on the same page before any project begins.
  • Strategy – Everyone needs a strategy to combat challenges that might come their way. Just like in every sport, to effectively create a strategy that will work for your team, you should be able to identify your members’ strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. Evaluating your team according to their strengths will enable you to create a strategy that will fit everyone’s abilities. You also need to create an ‘emergency plan’ in case the first strategy will not work. The strategy needs to be discussed with the team so that the members will be able to create necessary adjustments on their end, especially when it comes to schedules and appointments. Open communication lines regarding this factor will improve the effectiveness of the strategy.
  • Play & Execution – When discussing the strategy to your team, they need to understand the importance of their roles. Dribbling and passing the ball to make score a point for the team makes each member of your team responsible for their tasks. They need to follow-through once the ‘ball’ is passed to them. It is now, more than ever, that communication should run smooth. Any gap in communication within your team can create a failure.
  • Evaluation – During evaluation it is important to take a look on both the strategy and the players. Evaluating the performance of your team is needed for them to learn from their mistakes. As for the strategy, it also needs assessment to make sure that the work flow will be improved next time. The process of evaluation will identify the challenging points and allow your team to take the necessary measure to overcome them easier next time.

Your teamwork can improve as long as the communication becomes a natural thing. It’s not just about talking; communication entails listening and proper understanding of the delivered information. Creating a communication framework that will help your team step up their game when it comes to their tasks. You can easily infuse the points we mentioned earlier into your framework. Call us now for more team building ideas.

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