Fast Paced Amazing Race Melbourne By The Team From 5th Element Wellness Gym

January 17, 2017

Today's great event was held in the city and suburbs of Melbourne with 21 employees from the 5th Element gym ranging from the personal trainers, the managers and the administrative staff taking on a fast paced and high octane Melbourne Amazing Race. This would be the biggest race for BTB with the racers covering a large amount of ground and certainly the km's were ticking over as they completed team challenges through out the stages.

Kicking off in Edinburgh gardens the teams were divided into 4 competitive outfits and as the teams were read out their was a distinct atmosphere of competitive fire with in the group. The first challenge for the teams would test out the trust factor within the group with a blindfold challenge to get the teams off racing. The game resembled more of bumper car Darby as the teams moved around without any fear for their safety. This certainly set the tone for the race to come. First to get away we're the red rebels and with their fearless leader Lauren they sprinted off to the first available tram. The remaining three struggled to get those last few items as the learned to trust their teammates through out the duration of the first challenge but eventually all got away in their race to the city.

The first legs of the race would see the teams heading towards the CBD and the iconic spots of Parliament House. Along the way the teams received a Roadblock to head towards the MCG raising the questions of how their race strategy would play out. During this leg of the race the teams would also show their artistic prowess with some great sketches of Sun Yen Sat in Chinatown and some inside knowledge to track down the Burke and wills statue.

Once completing these challenges the first to arrive at Federation Square the second stage of the race were the Red Rebels. However there was some question as to whether they completed the MCG challenge with no photo proof being uploaded and the fact they had at this stage a 25 minute lead on the remaining three teams. The challenge however at this stage did present some problems with some very interesting insights into the engine room of this team as they worked through the paper and scissors challenge. Eventually the team completed the challenge and then was faced with a creative photo challenge using props from the local slip and slide before gaining their next clue. At this stage of the race it certainly was a case of who is going to catch the Red Rebels.

Finally the remaining teams arrived to Federation Square with Wellness Greens being the masters of the team challenge and the Blue Crips working it once utilising google. The Yellow Latino Kings received a Fast forward to see it the gap could be closed.

In the final legs of the race the racers would take a tour of Southbank and the Yarra river precinct tracking down the answers and also get some interesting takes on Fear of Conflict on the Lips statue. Once again the Red Rebels lead the way and were first to take on the water bottle challenge at Banana Lane the 3rd stage of the race. Clara the European genius worked out gravity was their friend completing the task and getting their next clue. Blue Crips were the most effective and Wellness Greens rode the momentum all completing the challenge not long after. The Yellow Latino Kings however were some much in race mode as i saw them cruising the yarra on bikes taking on the scenery rather than the race. Once again receiving a Fast Forward at this stage.

The final race to the finish would take the teams to Random Act of Kindness challenge giving away the delicious little cup cake from Little Cupcakes. They would also get their art on through the epic street art alleys of Melbourne and then it was literally a sprint to the finish between the Blue Crips and the Red Rebels to Bombo Restaurant the finish location of the race.

After all the tallying was done as the teams munched down on some wholesome good food there were a few different winners coming from the race. The Latino Kings became the Transport Kings with 16 modes used, however took home the wooden spoon. The Wellness greens got full marks the city challenges. The Red Rebels were all about speed, but with a few dicey answer and questionable tactics lost their lead and ultimately to the fast finishing and consistent Crips.

Over all a fantastic day with the team of the 5th Element and another super team in the making. Call us now for inquiries!


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