Team Building Sydney: Promoting Team Initiative

May 8, 2017

team building Sydney taking initiative

If you are a leader, have you ever been in a situation with your team, when you asked each team member if they are up for a new task but no one volunteered to do it? Everyone is looking at different directions hoping that someone will take it? Let's turn the situation the other way around. Have you ever been in a situation with your team when you asked them to do a task and everyone in the team volunteered? Which sounds better? I believe the second one does. If everyone in the team has team initiative, teamwork is not a problem.

Initiative can be good and it can also be bad if not taken in the right opportunities. If you are struggling with your team member’s initiative, team building Sydney can help you promote it within the team in the right circumstances. To help you out, we have listed out ways on how to promote initiative within the team:

Set end goals before starting with the task. It is important that every team member knows what the task is all about and what they are trying to achieve. If there are problems with the process make changes so it can adapt to the team's goal. Think of possible risks so you can embolden initiative when it needs to be. Check on the task at hand from time to time and offer them help so they would not get frustrated and they would not regret taking the initiative.

Establish confidence in your team members. If your team members feel confident, taking initiative will be a common thing for them. Help them with their fears and doubts about the task and assure them that you are there to back them out in case something happens. With that being said, you should forecast the problems that may arise so when it comes your way, you can help them out and they can compose their self quickly, securing your relationship and confidence in them.

Establish competence in each team member. If your team members know their capabilities well enough, they will know when it is the best time to take initiative and when it is a good time to let others take it. You have to train your team members appropriately when it comes to decision making, analytical thinking and risk management. Team building activities Sydney are designed to build these in the team. If they are trained with these things, they will be able to decide even if you are not around to guide them. They must also have free access to information and resources so they will not have to come to you and ask for it all the time.

As a leader of the team, you are also responsible for helping them build initiative. You have to be open and you have to think of other ways on how you can help each and every one in your team. You have to establish your leadership style so they know how to approach you easily. Giving them support and appreciating their hard work will keep your team motivated. It can be a struggle trying to build team initiative; Beyond the Boardroom has designed activities that can help you out. Contact us now!

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