Developing Mindfulness In Your Team

May 10, 2017

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Working in a team, mindfulness should be established to build stronger relationships and better communication flow. You should pay attention to your actions, emotions, and thoughts that you are sharing with your team members. You might feel comfortable around them but you have to remember that there are also boundaries. Team building activities Sydney can offer mindfulness development within teams that can result and discover team greatness.

One way to experience mindfulness is to meditate. Before calling it a day, try meditating about what happened the whole day. You do not need to use a rubber mat where you can lay down; sitting in your chair works just fine. All you have to do is close your eyes, focus on your breathing, feel how your chest falls and rises as you breathe. Keep on doing this for a minute or two and you will experience better sense of focus. Try doing it at the end of the day, it will help you remember and reflect on what happened the whole day. You might have done things you shouldn't and things that you should have.

If everyone in your team knows what it is and how mindfulness helps, it will build stronger connection resulting to effective teamwork. We listed out few ways on how to develop mindfulness in your team:

As mentioned earlier, meditation helps and initiate it in your team. Some of your team members find it hard to focus at certain times because their thoughts are scattered everywhere. Ask them to pause for a minute or three and meditate. It not only helps them gain focus but helps them develop mindfulness.

Ask your team members to practice awareness and attention. The daily tasks can be distracting especially when you are engrossed in it but ask your team members to be observant of their environment. Team building Sydney has designed fun and exciting awareness activities that can build mindfulness in them!

Give each member of the team, enough time to slow down. The daily tasks at hand may distract and keep you at a faster pace because you want to finish the task on time. Give them a few minutes to pause and gain their focus and mindfulness.

Ask them to pay attention to the routine tasks they do. Suggest that they change the way they do their routine works from time to time. For example, a team member filing papers, if the team member is used to piling them up before filing them. Ask them to alphabetize it first then file it properly. The team member is not used to doing it the way you suggested. That will result to the team member paying more attention to the tasks.

Mindfulness in teams helps give more focus and ideas that can help the team lead to greater success. It is not an easy task for a leader to establish it in every team member and team building activities by Beyond the Boardroom will give you the help that you need to develop mindfulness. Contact Beyond the Boardroom now!


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