Team Building Sydney: Tips to Help Your Team Beat Deadlines

March 29, 2017

team building Sydney meeting the deadline

Procrastination greatly affects your team’s productivity. Getting the team more active and giving them deadlines is what most leaders to prevent your team members from slacking off from their tasks. Deadlines are set to be met but if you’ve been having problem with your team whom keep missing them, Beyond the Boardroom Australia enumerate some helpful tips that you and your member can try.

Break Your Tasks – Task delegation to your members along the details as to the expected turnaround time for each task will help you monitor the progress of the project easily. Having a separate timeframes for each member who is responsible for different tasks will help them to be more mindful of the time they spend working on the specific task at hand.

Do the Productive tasks on the Best hours – Most people have that particular feeling of being in the “zone” while being fully immersed in doing a task that is why it is best to organize your most important tasks in line with your most productive hours. Allow your team members to discover their personal best hours and teach them the importance of these hours in doing their tasks.

Take Breaks – Do not forget to take breaks while you are working. All the brainstorming and other tasks can get through you and there will be times when you feel that you are stuck with the things at work because your mind is unable to get fresh ideas. Taking a break once in a while will provide you with a much needed breather.

Avoid a Monday Deadline – If your team wants to meet a Monday deadline, most of your team members will try to work on weekends just to accomplish the left behind work which was not done on Friday. It is best to set deadlines from Tuesday to Thursday, that way you’ll have more time to finish the project without compromising the weekends.

Cut the Habit of Clock Checking – Watching the clock frequently while you try to concentrate on finishing your work is a distraction that you need not practice. It creates a sense of panic especially when the completion time is already near. Always remind your team that the quality of work also counts if you want to beat the deadline effectively. Jacking up panic will only create unnecessary mistakes.

Be Realistic – Set reasonable deadlines according to your team’s capability, skills and resources. Never try to hype up a project by setting up a completion date that is beyond your team’s capacity. Your team might have been missing deadlines because of unrealistic expectations. If so, it is best to create a checklist of the barriers that they might have been facing during a task completion.

Meeting your team’s productivity requirements is an indicator how well you are managing the people who belongs to your team. Organizing team building Sydney events will be extra helpful if you want your team to bridge gaps and become more productive. The tips mentioned above are just some of the pointers that every leader should know. For more team building help, contact us now!

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