Team Building Melbourne Tip: Different Activities For Indoor Team Building

April 3, 2017

team building activity Melbourne

Organizing team building activities Melbourne does not necessarily mean an outdoor activity for the team. It is an activity that is considered to be a learning experience for everyone within the team. Regardless of the venue, an event can be considered a team building activity as long as it provides development for the team.

More often than not, a preconceived notion of the activity being held outdoors comes into mind when team building events are being discussed. There are plenty of team building events that can be organized indoors. If you want your team to be more comfortable in a cozy venue, Beyond the Boardroom Australia have a variety of activities that can help you build great team spirit. See the list below to know more of these activities:

  • Escape Rooms Australia – This fun and exciting detective team activity is very dynamic. The notable benefit that you can get from this activity is that you can easily observe your team’s behavior when they are under pressure. The problems and clues given by the organizers to solve this puzzle are also challenging that it can give your team a hard time from escaping the room. Challenge your problem solvers and future leaders with this activity now!
  • Bike Brigade – If you want a meaningful team event, the thoughtful activity of building bicycles to be donated to your charity of choice is a great way to do so. This event also comes with challenges. Building bicycles while having fun with your team is what makes this activity a huge hit to most organizations.
  • Minute to Win It – The most exciting challenge to do the most difficult tasks within a minute will surely create a good atmosphere for your team. Recreate the famous TV program for your team’s team building event and you’ll surely love the friendly competition that will happen. Cultivate the positive side of having friendly competitions and learn strategies that can help your team be more innovative.
  • Picasso Challenge – Every team needs to recharge their creativity at some point. Beyond the Boardroom organizes the Picasso art challenge for a more relaxing way to bond and build teamwork. The activity is all about how you can freely express your thoughts and that of your team’s through art. The relaxed atmosphere during this team activity will be a great way for your team to enjoy the process of creating their very own masterpiece.
  • Helping Hands – A whole new experience for your team will be the philanthropic team event from Beyond the Boardroom, the Helping Hands. This event will surely touch your team’s heart as you build prosthetic hands that will be donated to landmine victim amputees throughout the world. The worthwhile experience will not only help your team but the society as well.

Indoor team building Sydney activities can be dynamic as well! Choosing the right event for your team is a sure way for everyone to enjoy anywhere, anytime. The venue is not an issue, as long as your team is willing to participate and have fun. Click here to get more information for your team building activities in Melbourne!


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