Team Building Sydney: Tips to Improve Your Team Performance

March 1, 2017

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Every team leader fears that his team remains unmotivated despite efforts of establishing the needed working rapport. When your team remains to be uncooperative and divided, you might find yourself stepping up in putting more effort to improve the quality of your teamwork. Where do you need to start?

Doing some research about team building processes done by high performing teams will help you a lot. Check the procedures and steps they take and compare it to how you do your own team building. Learn from the ineffectiveness that your team is currently suffering from and device a new plan. To effectively implement your team building Sydney plan, inform your team about the involved changes along with its objectives.

Along with your newly implemented plan for your team improvement, here are other tips that will help you and your team.

  1. Avoid unnecessary meetings – Only schedule the ‘must have’ team meetings. Know how to prioritize issues that needs to be resolved through meetings. Most employees find meetings to be ineffective. Determine if your meetings are worth having before you schedule the. The absolute necessity of a team meeting depends on the urgency of the issues that needs to be discussed.
  2. Improve your team agility – Keep things moving. Your team performance improvement should not be focused in increasing your metrics. You should focus your attention to the reasons why you keep missing your goals and deadlines and the numbers will surely follow. When your team lacks agility, adopting a plan that will keep the tasks move seamlessly within will result to improved communication and tasks follow-through. Follow-through ensures quality outputs from your team and will surely increase your metrics fine.
  3. Engage in team building games – If you’ve been too focused with work; allow your team some time to play. Take a break from work and prevent your employees from suffering burnout. Organize a schedule of activities and games for your team to change the atmosphere of your environment. Relieve them of the burden they are getting from the stress and pressure at work. Allow the flow of creativity and challenge your team through team building games. Taking that much needed break sometimes serve as the key to increase your productivity.
  4. Incentives and reward for the whole team – Get their working drive up with an incentive that will benefit the whole team. You can allow them to get a team vacation if they successfully manage to hit your monthly goals. Working hard for a common goal will improve your team’s coordination and communication. Having that prize after getting the work done will serve as the best motivating factor for everyone.
  5. Acknowledge every milestone – Your team will appreciate the thought of expressing your gratitude for every success they make. Recognize and celebrate big and small team victories alike. Having been acknowledged for small wins will encourage your team to work harder in the future.

Team building relies on the programs and plans you set for your team. Getting them to participate in an improved program that will benefit them as well as the organization will surely bring you success. For more tips, read articles from our blog!

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