The Dos and Don’ts of Team Building

March 6, 2017

team building Adelaide having fun

We have heard of the many different benefits of team building Adelaide and other locations in Australia, but why does it not apply to your team? What have you done wrong that your team is still not functioning? Improperly designed team events cannot help you achieve any of your business goals. The most horrible scenario is that they can actually make the problems worse. To help you with organizing your team building event, here are some of the common dos and don’ts that you need to follow:

DO: Make sure that the activities you choose have a relation to your company or team goals. Having an event that will make your team better understand your goals will motivate them to participate. Do not lead them “blindly”. Help them better grasp the reasons behind your company and team goals.

DON’T: Administer event that can physically exhaust your team. Most of your team members may have a hard time to keep up with the physical demands of an exhausting activity. What you need to do is to set a level of physical limit that your team can do for the games and competitions. This can ensure you that all members of your team can be included in all of the activities.

DO: Know the benefits of follow-up. If you want to make sure that your team learned something from the team event, it will be best to conduct follow-up activities. Team building is not a singular approach that will immediately bring you results. You need to do follow-up events to make sure that you are working on your team’s development. Make it a continuous learning event for you and your team. 

DON’T: Focus on too much entertainment value. Some events can be very entertaining but they might lack what you need. Yes, the reason for your team building activity is for you and your team to learn and develop while having fun. However, putting the primary focus on the entertainment value should be avoided because you might not be able to properly choose an event that relates to your objectives. Try to balance the value of entertainment and learning as much as possible.

DO: Proper confrontation of your team’s daily struggles. Your team faces a lot of challenges at work and it will be beneficial for your team to organize activities that will help them out in facing this challenges. This can bring a very significant effect to your team. Helping them adapt better into the work demands will surely make them learn a lot.

DON’T: Force your team into doing an activity that they don’t want. Your team will not learn anything from the activities if they don’t like what they are doing. It will be best to gather suggestions from your team so that you will have an ideas on the activities they enjoy doing.

Organizing team events can be hard. Making them work for your team is even harder. That is why it is better to know the basic dos and don’ts when organizing a team activity to make sure that you and your team is on the right track. Call Beyond the Boardroom for any inquiries now!

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