Team Building Sydney: Using Generosity of Spirit To Lead

June 5, 2017

team building Sydney generous leader

Generosity does not necessarily mean that you have to give gifts, money or anything that has monetary value to be called generous. As a leader, using generosity is different compared to the usual meaning it conveys to other people. Generosity in a leader is giving chances, giving the benefit of the doubt and giving each member of your team reason to work for you. It is not putting the blame on your team when a mishap happens. Generosity as a leader is giving them all the information that they need to make sure they accomplish the task properly. It is not giving a task without discussing it and letting the team figure out what to do, but it is explaining the process thoroughly so they can do it right.

Most people work and firmly believe that they need to find meaning in their work. People want to feel that they are partaking in something that is better and bigger. As a leader, your role is to help them be part of what they want and give them meaning in working for you. There are available leadership programs tailored by team building Sydney to help leaders lead with a generosity of spirit.

A generous spirited leader is one of the cornerstones of successful teams. Here are some simple tips to help you enhance the generosity of spirit within you:

  1. Give well-thought feedbacks and avoid giving fault finding criticisms. There is a huge difference between feedback and criticism and it is better to use the former. Feedbacks are given for improvement and criticisms are given to prohibit someone making a development.
  2. Teach every member of the team the value of self-importance and give it to them as well. Having a leader that instills self-importance in the team they are handling is also a way to motivate them to work harder and better.
  3. Introduce your team members to higher management when given the opportunity. Introducing them as part of your team shows that you are proud to have them and you trust them in such way that you vouch for them using your name. It is a simple trick that most managers overlook.
  4. Try to help team members anonymously. If you are given a chance to give them a boost without being known, consider it as a good deed. For example, acknowledge the work they have done when you are in a meeting with the higher management.
  5. Have patience and forgive generously. There are countless times that mistakes can happen, having patience by not responding with anger but rather with patience and knowing what truly happen will also make you look like a reasonable leader. Accepting the mistake and forgiving can lift the spirit of the one who made it. They will feel a pang of guilt because you responded well and they will avoid mistakes from happening again.

Being a generous-spirited leader, you are simply motivating your team without them even knowing it. They will strive for the best since they know that you don't deserve your name being forsaken because of a mishap they will make. For more tips on how to have a successful team, read more from our blog!


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