How Roaming Around the Workplace Can Help You As A Leader

June 7, 2017

team building Melbourne roaming around the workplace

Have you noticed that managers stay in their office and you barely see them come out unless it is their break or they have a meeting? You only see them behind the glass walls of their office and unless you have to report to them. You cannot blame them because they basically have tons of work to do and it does not give them that much time to get out of their office and interact with their subordinates.

If you can relate to the manager, then chances are, you are one of them. Team building activities Melbourne knows that struggle of managers, so if you want to know how getting out and roaming around your office can help you, read more below.

Roaming around the office can be seen as both good and bad. It is considered good if you interact with the people you are passing by. It gives a message that you, as a leader, make time for the employees and you care about them. It becomes bad when you just pass by and look at what they are doing without even engaging in a conversation. It may be hard to look for a time to do this, even though it may sound a little simple; it is harder than most people think. You have to take chances and see how this simple tip can help you out.

  1. Loosen up. When you wander around your team members, act casual and just be yourself. You need to loosen up and avoid stiff discussion. You do not have to entirely talk about work but you can talk about other stuff like eating lunch together or maybe having some coffee. If you loosen up the people you are talking to will do the same. It is better if you can engage in a conversation about work ask them if they are doing well or if they are having problems.
  2. Listen more rather to what they are trying to tell you. There are times that when you talk casually with your team members, they give you hints about what problems are happening with your team. One of your goals is to know this kind of information and it’s not talking about how much workload you have. You are focusing on your team and not yourself.
  3. Stay inclusive. Make sure that you are not focusing on just one team member, you have to include each and every one do that they would not feel you are having a favoritism.
  4. Recognize hard work and compliment them. If you notice that someone in your team is going the extra mile and they are doing something good for the team, acknowledge their hard work and thank them. They will be more motivated and they will work hard to get acknowledged by their leader - you.
  5. Use this opportunity to share news and remind everyone about the mission and vision of the organization. If you have news to tell, you can wander around first before sending the email.
  6. Be more chatty. You don’t have to be too formal when talking to your team members. You have to make sure that you are making a connection when talking to them, make sure you are connected to some level that builds trust.

Roaming around the workplace is not slacking off. It is a strategy you can use to know problems before they happen and to build a strong relationship with your team. Remember not to overdo it to the extent you are becoming a distraction to them. Review your small trip around the office and take actions accordingly. These are just simple tips that can go a long way and if you feel that your team needs a refresher on how a team should work, Beyond the Boardroom has activities that can help you out. Contact Beyond the Boardroom now!


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