Team Building Tip: Factors of a Healthy Workplace For Your Team

July 3, 2017

team building Sydney healthy workplace

If you plant a seed, you must put it in a healthy soil with proper care so it can grow strong and fruitful. If you plant a seed in extreme environmental conditions there is a higher chance that it can affect its growth. You cannot expect it to grow strong and fruitful if you haven't nurtured properly. Same thought goes with handling your team. You have to create a healthy workplace for them so their job and morale satisfaction can increase. Team building activities Melbourne has activities to help team leaders create a healthy workplace for their team.

We listed some factors on how to create a healthy workplace to help out leaders and other members of the team create one.

  • Create safe and healthy surroundings that are more than cleanliness and order but an environment that stimulates the mental and physical wellness of your team. For example, you observed your office and you noticed that it seems to be crowded and the lighting is too dull. You can ask higher management to have the office reorganized so people can work efficiently. Also, make sure that the tools that your team uses are functioning properly. If everything is intact and working in tip-top shape.
  • Pay attention to your employee's growth and development. The more you pay attention to your team members, the more productive and happier they will become. Develop your team member's effectiveness by suitable training and development. Know what areas they need to develop and determine how you can help them because it will serve as an added confidence booster for them. The health benefits will follow and you will notice it once you give each member of your team to use the skills and knowledge they are learning.
  • Recognize your team members for the good work they are delivering. If you like being recognized for your hard work, so does your team. Do not think too little of the words "thank you” and "job well done" because these words can mean so much to your team. They will feel appreciated and that is one of the factors of having a healthy team.
  • Find ways to make your team more involved in the organization. Give your team members some responsibilities as much as you can. Allow them to make some decisions because letting them will make them feel a sense of job achievement.
  • Promote life balance by creating flexible work agreements with your team. You can allow them to work one day at home and the rest in the office or depending on how well it will help your team member in avoiding burnouts. Staying in their desks all day can cause burn outs so make sure you encourage them to go outside or take their breaks to freshen their minds.

Having a healthy workplace for your team can help boost productivity and creativity. You create a better relationship with them if you give them a nurturing environment. This will lessen sick days and absenteeism. If you want to get more team tips, read more from our blog!


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