Team Building Tip: Individual Meetings To Determine Problems Early

May 29, 2017

team building Sydney individual meeting

A good leader knows the importance of valuing people and tasks equally. They set an example by giving their commitment to the goals of the organization so that other team members will be motivated to do the same thing. A good leader looks after other team members’ interests and helps them out if needed. If you are a leader and you are having a hard time being a good leader for your team, team building Sydney has leadership programs that can help bring out the greater leader in you.

The best way to help out and know when to reach out to a team member is by knowing them personally. It will help you weigh and determine if that team member is stressed and in need of help.  Individual meetings with each team member of your team will also help you know problems that are happening or problems that are about to arise. It is a win-win situation since the team member gets to vent out and you will have the chance in earning their trust. Here are some tips to have a successful one.

Set the right place. Inviting a team member to your office may not be a great idea since they will think they have done something wrong. Inviting them over for coffee will be better. Engaging a conversation in your office will only hold them back but meeting them halfway will make them open up to you.

Set regular meetings rather than surprised ones. Avoid setting surprised meetings because it will not establish a comfortable conversation with the team member you are focusing on. You may be prepared but the person you will be talking to is not. It is fair that you schedule it properly so both of you can prepare.

Make sure you are able to discuss both of your concerns.  You need to make sure that you’re not the only one talking or the team member is the only one talking. It has to be both of you discussing goals, planning, giving feedbacks, issues, suggestions and solutions.

Use the right tone to reduce the authority gap between you and the team member. One on one meeting is an opportunity for you to find out what’s really happening on your team that you are not able to notice. Avoid dominating the conversation and let it flow naturally.

Assure that the meeting you had is appreciated and there will be improvements that will take place before your next meeting. As a leader, you must take notes and make sure that you add those to your schedule to achieve any goals or solve issues that were discussed.

Individual meetings are one of the cornerstones of an effective management and teamwork. This will give you a chance to let your team members know that you are there when they need you. You will build better relationships with each of them and you will be able to determine problems earlier. If you want some help with building a better team, Beyond the Boardroom has team building activities that can help you out. Contact us now!


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