Delegating Workload: Why You Should Do It

May 24, 2017

team building Melbourne delegating workload

Are you a team leader and have you ever been in a situation where work seems to be unending and you do not know how to fit them all them in your busy schedule?  It can be a struggle when you want to accomplish all the tasks because you know the workarounds of what needs to be done. Being the team leader, you need to understand that you have your own limitations too. There is only so much that you can do for your team and to be a martyr is not one of those.

One reason a leader refuses to delegate the workload is because they have not figured out yet the skills and capabilities of the team they are handling. Team building activities Melbourne can help leaders distinguish the team’s competence and capacities.

Delegating the workload with your team will help you maximize your time. It will also help each and every one in the team develops and grows, reaching their full potential as an individual member of your team.  To help you out with delegating the workload, team building Melbourne has listed out things that you should consider before delegating it to your team members.

If you already know how each member of your team works, you should also know how much information they know about the task you are planning to delegate. Evaluate your team members whether they can do it or is it too important and critical for someone else to do it?

Will it help the team member grow and will it help them develop the skill they already have? Delegating a task is an opportunity for the chosen team member and will he be able to handle it? Having a task given to you that you are unfamiliar with can give a bit of pressure but you must assure them that you are there to help them out if they find it too challenging.

Do the tasks need your full attention? If the task is a long-term goal and urgently important, you might have to opt out delegating the task. Remember that the reason you are delegating the workload is because you need to focus on the critical goals of your team. The tasks that need to be delegated are the ones less critical because you do not want to put too much pressure on the chosen team member.

Is there enough time for you to delegate the tasks? There will be specific instructions that will be given and if ever the tasks need improvements, will there be enough time to do it?

Make sure that the team member you are delegating the task with, knows and understands clearly what needs to be done.  The worst thing that can happen is that you delegated the workload with full trust but without being clear. It will end up as a rework which you have to do yourself instead of just checking it. That will not be the fault of the team member because the shortcoming came from you and you have to take responsibility.

Successfully delegating the workload will be a win-win situation for you and your chosen team member that is given the opportunity. It relieves some of the stress that you’ve been having lately. For more tips that can help your team, read more from our blog!

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