Team Building Tip: Understanding Team Roles

June 19, 2017

team building Sydney understandin team roles

Another way to improve team performance is to understand each team member's role in the team. It will give you an added edge if each member of your team knows what they should do and accomplish. If you have a team and you want to understand team roles, team building Sydney can help you out and they have activities that can be tailored especially for your team! Team roles are categorized into three simple groups, action aligned, people aligned and thought aligned. Here are the team roles each member has and the categories they are grouped with.

Action Aligned Roles

  • Shaper team members are the ones who challenge the team for improvement. These are extrovert people who like to encourage others by looking for the best solution for problems and by questioning standards. Shaper team member’s role is to shake everyone in the team so they would not act too complacent in their tasks.
  •  Implementer team members are the ones who make sure that things get done. Once an idea is created, they turn it into plans and action. They are disciplined people and usually conservative. They work efficiently using a system of their own and you can count on them that they will get things done.
  • Complete and finisher team members are the ones that make sure the task is done without any errors. These people have the keen attention to details and they are concerned with deadlines. They check the output and they make sure that it is delivered on time.

People Aligned Roles

  • Coordinators are team members who are also called chairmen. They guide the teams on the objectives the company has. They are great listeners and they know how to value each and everyone in the team. Coordinators can also delegate tasks effectively.
  • Team workers are team members that make sure everyone in the team is working harmoniously. They give support and negotiate within the teams.
  • Resources Investigator is team members who are innovatively curious. They check other possible options the team has, they widen the contacts and they are the ones who negotiate for the team.

Thought Aligned People

  • The Plant is the imaginative innovator that thinks of new ideas and new approaches the team can make.
  • The Monitor-Evaluator is team members who can analyze and evaluate ideas that the Plant creates. They weigh the good and the bad these ideas that affect the decision-making of the team.
  • Specialists are team members who have expertise on the team's tasks being handled. They are usually the team leads or the manager but nonetheless, they worked long and hard to be an expert in their fields.

You have to know what role each member of the team has and if you haven't figured it out yet, you can check this blog for reference. Your team will be able to overcome conflicts and appreciate everyone's role if you know each team member’s role. Having a team that works harmoniously can give greater results. If you need help distinguishing the role of your team members, contact Beyond the Boardroom now!


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