How To Become An Inspirational Leader

June 14, 2017

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A leader is one of the foundations of a team. Leaders hold their team together and they set an example of what team members should do. Imagine your leader that's always late for work or fault finding in all tasks he delegates, as a team member, will you be motivated to work properly? A leader must set an example to his team members. If he wants his team members to be on time, he, himself must always be on time too. He must not be fault finding and he must appreciate the hard work given by his employees. Instead of finding faults, he must help out to avoid mistakes from happening again.  This approach is called transformational leadership.

Transformational leadership is one of the best ways to motivate your team in working the extra mile. Leaders must set an example of integrity and justice. Leaders must set clear goals and high expectations for the team. He must encourage the team members but at the same time give help and recognition.  Leaders must place their team first before their own interests and they must use all these qualities to inspire his team members. Team building activities Melbourne listed out some ways to help leaders use transformational leadership in their team.

Create an encouraging vision for your team. Your team members need a fascinating and compelling reason to follow you. This is why you need to construct an encouraging vision for them. The vision you are going to create for your team will set out and it will become their purpose as part of the organization. You can create an encouraging vision by knowing their capabilities and knowing the resources they can use in the organization. Once you have figured out the environment your team is working on, you will be able to create an encouraging vision for them.  You can simply start with the organization's mission and vision and think of ways how your team can contribute.

Persuade your team members in delivering the vision. You should make yourself sound appealing to your team's values because in that way you will inspire them with the direction you are going to lead them. You can use one of your team members as an example, ask them what their personal goal is in and then use their personal goal as a way to connect it to the organization's mission and vision.

Supervise your team in executing the vision. As a leader, you have to know that delivering the vision is hard work. It does not happen overnight so make sure that you are there to supervise your team once this happens. You need to have change management as well as project management combined.  This will help you get the support of your team members but you have to communicate with each team member their responsibilities and roles clearly. Together with setting a good example, you must have self-discipline which can be a very hard work for you but it also shows that you are setting an example of persistence and hard work. You can also roam around their workplace from time to time so they can ask you questions for the task they have.

Establish stronger and trust-based connections with your team members. You can build stronger relationships with them if you are open and honest as they are to you. Meet them individually and make it a point that you understand every detail they have discussed.

Transformational leadership is knowing that nothing great will ever happen if leaders do not encourage and motivate their people. Know how to motivate people and then use it to inspire your team. If you want some help in establishing a transformational leadership in your team, contact Beyond the Boardroom now!

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