Team Building Sydney: The Winning Team

March 8, 2017

team building sydney winning team

Everyone has that insight about the traits and skills that a winning team should have. Establishing a team and recruiting the members that will work towards the goals that the team should accomplish is a challenge that every company will face. Team building activities Sydney and other events are always dependent on the level of interactivity that your team exhibits.

Carefully selecting the team members of your team is a step that should not be overlooked if you want to create a winning team. Check out the necessary steps that you should follow when creating a team.

Evaluate the potential members

Know that proper evaluation of potential members does not just include their talents and skills. Assessing purely based on the technical qualification of your prospective members can sometimes hinder the team development because you did not include the “person” factor in the assessment process. In order for a team to function, the talents and skills of your members need to be complementary to each other. The right mix of analytical and creative members needs to be considered as well.

Create a good start

Right from the start you need to emphasize the “collective” features of the team by getting rid of the ‘me’ and replacing it with a ‘we’. Allow the team members to understand the mission and purpose of the team and how it fits to the company’s vision and goals. Knowing the purpose of team will enhance their involvement in accomplishing the team goals. Creating a good start for your team also involves the discussion of their expertise, allowing them to introduce their skills and proficiency that they can contribute to the team will enable you to identify the roles that they should play within the team.

Improving Team Involvement and Productivity

Your company’s winning team needs to maintain and improve the team involvement and productivity that was established during the initial stage. Setting up the ground rules for your team to work harmoniously is just one of the most common ideas that are often useful if you want to maintain the team’s quality of work and productivity. Getting the team involved in various team building events Australia is a way to increase your team’s productivity.

Know the signs of breaking apart

No matter how hard you try, there will always be a division within the team. As a leader, it is your responsibility to keep track of your team’s cohesiveness. There are indicators that you should keep track at if you want to keep your team intact. One of the major indicators that your team is no longer able to maintain their teamwork is when they break into subgroups. The forming of cliques within the team should be observed closely. Missing deadlines and having now interest on the tasks at hand is also a sign that your team is no longer effective. If these signs show up within your team, act quickly!

Keeping the team functioning is a responsibility that starts during the initial stages of its creation and is a continued process all throughout. Establishing a winning team is not an easy task, for you to know more about team performance and team building activities that will help your team, read our blog now!

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