The Proposal Event: Rob and Shermaine's Perth Amazing Race

January 10, 2017

Today's Amazing Race event was similar to a script in a romantic comedy with the whole event being staged for one special woman named Shermaine and her very romantic boyfriend Rob. As a massive fan of the Amazing Race this was the perfect way to have the most important question of her life asked by Rob. Along for the ride today were the supporting cast of Rob and Shermaine's supportive friends who played along and ran out 5km as they all ran around the city completing challenges and receiving clues all knowing that there was only going to be one winner on this special day.

To carry out the script today's event started at the Supreme Court gardens with 5 duos being paired together for the race. Shermaine was teamed up with her sister Sherlene and wore the red. From the outset the Amazing Race fan captured her moments on her camera picking up the official logos set up and competing in a memory test that would see her 3rd in the race at the first stage. The team of Jim & Ken (purple) played the role of being the speediest team and Kiel & Bec (blue) taking up the role as the tail or the fact that they were hen & buck at the previous nights activity.

As the race got into full swing the teams raced to Rowan our smily faced facilitator who ran the team through our paper & scissors challenge at Mini Espresso at the famous London Court. Sherlene directed by Viet & Corinne (green) (Rob's best friend) to slow her team down finally got to Rowan in last place and and as they completed the challenge there were many laughs which saw a paper hat being fashioned accidentally as the girls struggled in the challenge.

At this stage the plot was thickening and the teams Ken & Jim (purple) and Jason & Susanne (Yellow) became the front runners arriving at the Perth concert hall the 3rd stage of the race. Once they had officially gone through the water bottle challenge to carry out the hoax. With photos being uploaded of the teams activity to the eversnap event album it made the lie more believable as Shermaine would refer to the race photos during the event.

This story was fast approaching its climax with at this stage of the race the 4 teams were directed to Kings Park for their final challenge at the DNA tower in the middle of park. Meanwhile the special lady and her sister were to undertake the final legs of the race arriving again to Rowan for there planted fast forward and Uber ride to Kings park.

Once arriving to DNA tower parklands Shermaine and Sherlene would see the other teams undertaking a rigged blind fold trust game utilising a key, a lock box and 120 cups of sand. The teams played the part of being frustrated, just arriving and being briefed on the game by yours truly. As the blindfold went on Shermaine for the game the key would be planted in a cup of sand by Viet. This key would open the final clue box and reveal the finish location of the race. Sherlene then directed her sister to the special cup and Shermaine would then unlock the box and then come running towards me at the bottom of the DNA tower. When she arrived I directed her to the top of the tower where her boyfriend Rob who would be in true proposal position with a beautiful ring and more important question to ask Shermaine. With the other teams on ground and a drone hovering over the scene a resounding yes would come from the lips of Shermaine as Rob would ask his girl to marry him.

An amazing day and certainly a very special event for Beyond the Boardroom to be apart of. This race didn't have any other winner than the special couple who would now embark on the greatest an most amazing race in life, Marriage.


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