The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Creating Team Cohesiveness

January 23, 2017

team building Australia team cohesiveness

Emotional intelligence has long been discussed as a much needed factor that will help build team cohesiveness easier. Many other organization leaders think that getting a team of knowledgeable experts to work for their projects is a sure way to success; little did they know that this is just half of the needed equation to complete a high performing team.

If you want your team to have a more collaborative spirit when performing their roles, training them properly to be more observant with the emotional information around them is a way to start. Building team cohesiveness is a way for them to establish great working relationships that they can use especially when it comes to decision making. Check out some of scope of emotional intelligence that can aid you in fostering cohesiveness within your team:

  • Handling emotions and moods in the work place. You and the different members of your team may develop a conflict if you won’t be able to control temper and frustration in the office. Being aware of the emotions of those around you will enable you to respond to them properly. It is not a secret that many people can be a bit irritable when busy. Recognizing and acknowledging the feelings of your team members will help you prepare the proper response you need. Observe and assess their emotions so that you can maintain the good working relationship.
  • Having the appropriate response to difficult situations. Every person has the ability to sense the true emotions that is conveyed by the people around them. Make sure that you know how to express genuine thanks or apology if the situation requires it. Having the right and genuine response to the moods of those around you will be a crucial need to get along well.
  • Control over one’s emotion. Great emotional intelligence is evident to those people who are able to take charge of their emotions. The best tip that we have for you is to never talk out of anger. You might regret it later.
  • Emotional adeptness. Never forget the basic etiquette of being courteous. Be considerate to your other team members. Learn how to express anger and happiness in accordance to other people’s feelings.

You might not acknowledge it yet, but most miscommunication with your team has something to do with the way of expressing emotions. Guiding them to be more considerate of other people within the team will help them overcome some sources of conflicts. You can also organize team building activities Australia that will help your team to be more attentive with their own emotions. Tailor fitted activities for this type of team building events also teaches your team different skills that can help them to be more adaptive of other people’s feelings.

If you are not able to find team events for enhancing your team’s emotional intelligence, you can contact Beyond the Boardroom so that you’ll be provided with a tailor fitted event that will perfectly suit your organization’s needs. Give us a call today!

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