10 Tips to making your company the best place to work this year!

May 27, 2019

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We all know that working at a workplace you love makes a huge difference in the way you work, how motivated you are, how much fun you have and to how happy you are in both your personal and professional life.

What makes a great place to work? This is an age old question that organisations are continually working on.

There are many things that come to mind when creating a great place to work. 

  1. Make sure your organisation and team has a clear why. The team at Beyond the Boardroom believe that "everyone deserves a workplace they love".  This concept came about from Simon Sinek and you can check out his book "Start with Why" as well as his TED X talks - they are awesome.  Having a clear why gets buy in and attracts like minded people to your team.
  2. Make sure your company has a clear and inspiring BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) which is the concept created by the award winning author Jim Collins.  We have found that growing companies are fun and inspiring to work at, and a great BHAG gives a clear direction on where the organisation is aiming to reach.
  3. Be sure there is a clear vision and mission for your organisation.  We have often referred to Michael Gerber from the e-myth for assistance!  These help the team to have clarity on what they are working toward.
  4. Find a way to benchmark your teams performance, we use the 5 dysfunctions of a team by Pat Lencioni who talks about trust, fear of conflict, commitment, accountability and inattention to results.  It is a great way for your team to be heard and to raise awareness of each others unique strengths.
  5. Have a regular social and team building program.  Anytime any team does something together, whether it be a full blown team building event where you compete and have winners or something as simple as a catch up after work for some Christmas drinks, you come into work the following day and weeks and the vibe is different.  It really works.  We suggest you do something each month with a mixture of small catchups and some proper events facilitated through an external provider.  You will definitely see morale improve!
  6. Create an inspiring work environment.  Make your office aesthetically appealing, try and have natural light, some indoor plants, comfortable chairs, a 2nd screen.  All these things make a difference.
  7. Have fun and laughter at work!  Celebrate the little wins!  Introduce a workplace competition, a team BBQ, have a joke, be lighthearted and try and remain positive with your team mates.  Even though we aren't always in the best mood, it is still important to try and keep the happy morale going as it is infectious.
  8. Get a kaizen board - invite innovation into your business and get everyone to put forth their best ideas.  When your workplace is open to your suggestions and implements some of them, you will get buy in and engagement from your team.
  9. Clear communication, offer recognition for great work and respect everyone in the organisation.  Your organisation will benefit dramatically if all people in the organisation feel as though they can offer their opinion and feel valued.  We can all be leaders in a business no matter what the title and it is important that everyone is respected, recognised and heard.
  10. Lead by example.  If you want your workplace to be a great place to work, then do the work that will make it great.  It will not happen by chance or accident, you will have to work at it and make it happen.  None of it is rocket science, it is just common sense so help your workplace to be the best it can be by doing your part in making it a fun and supportive culture.

Once these concepts are a regular part of your business culture then these top 10 tips will definitely help propel your workplace to being the best it can be!

if you think your business could benefit from any of these tips and you need some assistance please contact the Beyond the Boardroom team for more information.

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