The Benefits of Doing Team Building Events with Purpose on the Gold Coast

October 17, 2019

Benefits of Doing Team Building Events

There are many ways to improve the efficiency of a business, but none yields as many benefits as team building events that mix business with pleasure at the Gold Coast. From trust to collaboration, employee engagement and problem-solving culture, various aspects of your business can benefit immensely from workplace Christmas party ideas. These benefits can be harnessed regardless of the size of the company, whether it’s an SME or a multinational organisation.

These benefits however do not result from just any team building event. Some can even backfire and end up demotivating employees as much as any mundane routine tasks do. It’s, therefore, crucial to invest in well-thought-out team building exercises that are geared towards creating emotional connection, role acceptance, and collaboration in the workplace.

In essence, the team building event must be purpose-driven and focused on the materialisation of certain benefits. When working out your workplace Christmas party ideas, here are 5 key benefits of team building event that you should aim to secure:

Bridging Gaps Across Departments

Team building events are one of those rare events where employees from various departments come together and learn about each other and bond. For instance, the IT department team in most companies barely cross paths with those in accounting, and a team-building event can help break the ice between these departments. Team building events can help interns and new employees to pick up on the experience and wisdom of long-serving employees. When hierarchy and chain of command are dissolved during such events, team members get to show off their true colors, set aside individual and professional differences, and relate with each other on a deeper personal level. Managers get to bare their passions and personalities, they become more human in their interactions with low-level staff. Such laid back, colloquial interactions can enhance trust between high-level and low-ranking staff, and also present networking opportunities for everyone.

Supercharging Teamwork

Many workplace Christmas party ideas can foster a culture of collaboration in the workplace. Think of games and puzzles that compel team members to work together on various fronts to pull off a positive outcome.

Benefits of Doing Team Building Events

Collaborating in a less formal and fun-filled event can help reinforce working relationships between team members.This can also encourage team members to resolve rifts and conflicts in the workplace. When team members get to see the ‘other side’ of their colleagues, they’ll be in a better mode to talk out misunderstandings and miscommunications that might hamper collaboration in the real world. And in such a laid back atmosphere, team members are more open to suggestions and change their minds more easily, especially concerning their weaknesses. This can translate to a work environment where open minds and level heads rule. As such, your team members will become more flexible, creative, innovative, effective and efficient.

Fostering a Problem-Solving Culture

You should roll out workplace Christmas party ideas that stimulate creative thinking and initiatives. Under a laid back atmosphere, you can nurse the spirit of innovation and critical thinking that your employees will find easy to transfer to the working environment. This increases their proclivity towards identifying and solving problems, boosting their confidence in their ability to handle new challenges that emerge in the working environment.

When planning your workplace Christmas party ideas, you should also focus on ways to improve the disposition of your employees towards the three Ps of productivity - policies, processes, and procedures. Also, you should consider fun- filled activities that can help inculcate skills that can be transferred to the working environment. By acquiring such skills and problem-solving techniques recreationally, your employees will be more disposed towards  a problem-solving culture.

Reinforcing Team Morale

According to a report, over 70% of employees in the U.S are not as engaged in their work as they ought to be, costing businesses some $500 billion yearly. By allowing your employees to have a feel of an alternate world where all the rules and boundaries do not apply, you help them adopt a better perspective on the business processes.

Team Morale - Benefits of Doing Team Building Events

This can give them a better sense of purpose, which, in turn, drives their morale. As a result, employees that are just cogs in a machine whose main goal is collecting paychecks by the month-end can be converted to foot soldiers and brand ambassadors passionate about helping your business achieve its goals.

Your employees will most likely feel more connected and engaged in the workplace after an event that was hosted solely to uplift and encourage them. And improved employee engagement can have a significant impact on their efficiency and productivity.

Making Employees Feel more Valued

Self-worth and self-esteem increase with team morale. When team morale is high and employees feel they have a lot more to contribute to the business, they’ll most likely feel more valued. They’ll have more confidence and belief in their capabilities, they’ll feel better disposed to try new things, learn new skills, and forge new alliances to make better contributions to the business.

After sponsoring a team-building event for your employees, they’ll most likely feel obliged to promote a business that has them at heart. They’ll more likely believe that their value is intrinsically linked to that of the business, and will strive harder to build your company’s value. And employees that identify and engage with a company will dig in to promote the business in the long haul. According to reports, engaged employees are 87% less likely to quit a company.

What are your Team Building Events Plan?

To enjoy the full spectrum of benefits of team-building events, you need to understand the dynamics of your team and how best to improve them. But in this context, your aim should be to reward team members not for their work-related efforts but their desires and passions for fun-filled activities. By encouraging them to have fun and enjoy the pleasures of life, you’re indirectly fueling their desire and passion to build the business and achieve corporate goals.

Rewarding employees for their leisure activities can pay off in spades when it successfully boosts the morale, engagement, and self-esteem of employees. As a result, you’ll get to deal with fewer turnovers and less churn rates, while increasing the efficiency and  competitiveness of your business.

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