10 Great Gold Coast Team Building Ideas this Summer

October 18, 2019

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Looking to amp up team morale to take on new milestones? Team building events are a great way to re-energize your employees and revitalize the team spirit. However, some team-building events may end up doing more harm than good, either fueling the disenchantment among team members or blowing a hole in your company’s budget.

To avoid such pitfalls, you need to choose your team-building events with insights and due diligence. The following is a list of team-building activities that give you a better chance of improving trust, communication, and collaboration among your team members. You can turn to this list for your staff retreat, reward programs, Christmas party, and end of the year Gold Coast Team Building activities. 

Professional Development Workshops

An excellent event to help your team members let off steam and strengthen bonds. You can use the laid-back atmosphere and ice-breaking jokes of a comedy timeout to drive home solutions to issues of trust, collaboration, and competition. Simple improve games can do the trick to warm up the team spirit.

Gold Coast Team Building

 If you have a larger budget to spare, you can hire professionals to host full-blown competitive activities. A stand-up comedy night out is also an ideal option, although it won’t afford you as many opportunities to tie in work-related issues like in-house shows. But you can also take advantage of the discounts offered to groups by some comedy shows to save up on expenses. Find out more information here.

Create your own music video!

Another great way to get team members to lay down their guards and become more receptive. It’s been shown that singing and dancing together can be highly effective in getting team members to shake off indifference and grudges. Hand them a mic and let them thrill everyone to their favorite melodies and dance moves. You can even up the ante by introducing rewards to make the event more competitive. You can further ignite their passions with incentives for creative costumes.

Gold Coast Team Building - Music

You can also incorporate Lip Dub video clips of team members singing and dancing together. By giving them a wonderful opportunity to show off their unique personalities, creativity, and passions, you create memorable experiences that strengthen bonds. 

Amazing Race Gold Coast

To break away from the scene and constraints of the workplace, you can take your team around the city with an Amazing Race. A fun-filled way for team members to explore the city, Amazing Race Gold Coast entails different teams teeing off against each other in a race around the Gold Coast. Depending on your budget, you can incorporate various means of transportation, milestones, and various cues to spice up the event.

Gold Coast Team Building

You can use this event to help your team explore various landmarks on the Gold Coast and learn about the city’s history. Check out more here.

Photo based treasure hunts

Put your team member’s treasure hunting skills to the test in a fun-filled way. Reward them for finding hidden treasures within a specified time-frame and location using their initiatives and strategies. Provide them with tools, maps, routes, and stops for refreshment and entertainment. Scavenger hunts also allow team members to explore the Gold Coast and its landmarks, food, culture, and history. 

Survival Games

Another great outdoor team event to boost team spirit, survival games tap into our primal spots and strip team members down to their core. Set up team members for expeditions into the woods. Put their survival instincts to the test by pushing them to explore nature. Equip them with maps, tools, and strategies to navigate their way through successive control points to the finish line. Let each team choose from multiple routes and reward those who find the best route the finish line.  Check out more here.

Beach Olympics

In the Gold Coast, an outdoor team-building event isn’t complete without a touchdown on the city’s golden beaches. Let your team members enjoy the cool, soothing breeze of summertime on the beachfront.

Gold Coast Team Building - Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics incorporates various recreational competitions for everyone regardless of their fitness levels. Pit team members against each other under the refreshing atmosphere of a beach.  Find out more here.


Finally, you can strengthen the bond and trust between team members through volunteering. There are numerous fun-filled volunteering activities you can carry out in the Gold Coast, including building shelters or habitats for stray dogs or the homeless, planting trees for green movements, and delivering gifts to hospitals and foster homes. Team members can also put their expertise to use pro bono, including through developing codes for programs, marketing, consulting, or electronics or appliances repairs, etc.  Check out more ideas here.

Give your team members a memory that will last

These team-building activities are not only fun-filled, they can also help inculcate values and habits that improve your company culture. They’re also budget-friendly, and are ideal for summertime. That implies it’s time to power up your team’s morale this summer with any of these events.

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