Bikes 4 Life, Charitable team building partner Australia

November 1, 2019

Bikes 4 Life

Bikes 4 Life have been a key partner of Beyond the Boardroom for many years, and together with our clients we have donated hundreds and hundreds of bikes to this worthy cause.

We have always believed that every organisation should aim to give back to the community where they possibly can.  It is this purpose that makes our team building events special and unique. Beyond the Boardroom's Bike Brigade is just one of them. This wouldn't be possible without the support from our charity partners like Bikes 4 Life.

Bikes 4 Life, based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, is a network of concerned citizens, organisations and companies, who are dedicated to supporting marginalised and neglected individuals and communities by providing re-cycled bicycles as a mode of sustainable transport, a vital instrument for access to independence and livelihood. They are committed to taking meaningful action, by helping to provide tools for survival, empowerment, economic development and social change. They stand to represent real change by acting in a way they believe can benefit society at large. They also aim to provide bicycles to the needy, raise awareness to the less informed, act as role models to our own youth, strengthen local community values, give hope, empowerment and confidence to marginalised communities, while supplying something as simple as bicycles.

Bikes 4 Life


In remote communities, a bicycle is not only a means of transport to places of employment and education but can provide many with access to remote sources of food, water, medicine and shelter.

One bicycle can support social rehabilitation & economic change and it is Bikes4Life’s mission to collect, restore and provide bicycles to some of the most marginalised & impoverished communities around the world.

Since 2014, Bikes 4 Life have proudly completed 15 international projects! Visit the project page on their website to read the stories and see the images and videos of how upcycled bicycles are changing lives.

To donate bikes or funds, please visit: Donations


Beyond the Boardroom founder visited Cambodia recently and saw first hand the bikes on the ground with the children of Cambodia that Bikes 4 Life and Beyond the Boardroom had sent across in a container.  You can read more here.





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