5 Excellent Team Building Activities in Perth

October 25, 2019

team building activities perth

Research shows that bonds between team members are the most influential factor of employee engagement. Also, teamwork is the backbone of any organisation.

An HR policy that puts employees on a pedestal is a surefire way to keep their morale at high levels. But you don’t need to go above and beyond to get your employees on-board with your corporate culture and organisational goals. You can get the best out of your team with team building activities Perth that diffuse misunderstandings and personality clashes in the workplace.

Many simple, cost-effective team building events can help supercharge motivation, communication, and collaboration among your team members. They can also help your employees to gain a better perspective on their roles in the organisation, and to explore their individual strengths and weaknesses.

To choose the best team building event for your organisation this summer, you need to establish expectations and goals. It’s also crucial to consider your budget, location and resources. If you’re overwhelmed by the interplay of these factors, here are 5 surefire team-building activities in Perth that you can always count on.


Sweat, heavy breathing, and intelligible movement combine in the sport arena to strengthen bonds and inspire teamwork. However, some team members may be comfortable with extreme contact sports, while others may not be cool with contact at all. You need to choose an event that’s inclusive of everyone.

You can choose games that are neither too active nor too passive, such as bowling, mini-golf, beach volley, etc. For more adrenaline rush, you can opt for bike tours, scooter races, stand-up paddling, surfing on small waves, etc. It’s also a great idea to push some employees out of their comfort zones and challenge them to more intense activities, including contact sports. But no matter what, take care not to jeopardise their safety and wellbeing. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the activities reflect your company’s ethos and culture.

Talent Shows

What would your employees have loved to do if they were allowed to choose an alternative way to make a living? Everyone might be blown away by the Lady Gaga alter-ego of someone who’s normally seated quietly in a cubicle sorting through files. Set up a stage for your employees to enjoy a brief moment of a make-belief of their dream selves.

Announce the talent show and competition guidelines ahead of time to give everyone ample time to prepare. Specify what counts and what’s ruled out. Work out a brilliant event plan with a view to strengthen the bond between your team members. Set a specific theme for everyone to work with to further ingrain your company values and ethos in the event.

Depending on the number of competitors, you can set anywhere from 5-15 minutes for each turn. The show should be anchored by someone with enough wit and creativity to keep things rolling with a smooth rhythm.

Scavenger Hunt

This is another great team building activities in Perth and Brisbane that gives your team members the latitude to express their creativity maximally. The game’s quiz questions also stimulate openness to learning and collaboration.

The questions may be based on a particular theme or location, challenging your team member’s ability to navigate a physical location or a web of ideas. You can also tweak the intensity and physicality of the game based on what is best-suited for your team. You can incorporate hiking, city walks, and races around established control points.

team building activities perth

Give your team members guidelines, puzzles and quizzes, and then set a duration for them to reach the goals using their initiatives.

The Great Egg Drop

One of the best team building events that can be done within your premises, this is a highly efficient, yet cost-effective team-building activities in Perth and Brisbane. It fosters collaboration and a problem-solving culture. It entails pitting two teams against each other to build an egg package that can withstand a drop from eight feet.

Each team is given the same set of tools and materials, and it’s left for them to devise the best way of utilising the resources.

You can also incorporate other elements of competition in the game, including designs, and aesthetics, though these should be secondary to the sturdiness of the package. Basically, each team comes forward with their package, takes a few minutes to present its unique features, and finally drops it to put it to the test. With the game’s delicate, multifaceted nature, you can easily foster patience, collaboration, detail-orientation, and creativity, with little or no cost.

Who’s in the Picture

This is yet another highly effective indoor team building event that allows you too amp up team morale and productivity without a huge budget. It’s also fairly easy to organise. All you need is a projector screen to present slide shows of group pictures from important past events.

team building activities perth

Divide your team members into groups of 2-4, and then let each group take turns in front of the slide show presentation. Now, build a list of questions based each of the pictures, and use them to jog the team members’ memories a bit before showing them pictures. You can blur out certain elements of the picture relating to the quiz, and then reveal the full image afterwards.

You can ask questions like “Who’s in the picture?”, “where was this picture taken?”, “who wears a white shirt in the picture?”, or “what was the high point of the event where the picture was taken in?” etc.


You don’t need a huge budget to harness the benefits of team-building events to ramp up employee engagement and productivity. Our recommended team-building activities in Perth and Brisbane are cost-efficient yet dynamic and stimulating. You can also enlist the help of professional organisers to help in working out details to make the most of these events. With these events, you can take advantage of the laid-back atmosphere to touch on issues that are highly consequential in the workplace.




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