7 Exciting Team Building Activities in Brisbane

November 21, 2019

team building activities in brisbane

There’s no better way for companies to elicit commitment from employees than by proving its commitment towards their well being. And with high levels of engagement and communication flow, team members are more likely to collaborate and become more productive.

Team building events are a great way to foster working relationships across various departments and units of a business. 

Many studies show that companies with a culture that promotes team-spirit are many times more likely to out perform the competition. The benefits of a deeper sense of commitment flows throughout organisations.. 

To get the best out employees, businesses need to introduce a routine of team-building activities that break the ice and promote a problem-solving culture among team members. The nature of these events makes them less of an undertaking for HR and more of an all-inclusive event where everyone’s input is needed.

The following is a rundown of 7 team building activities in Brisbane that will get your employees fired up and ready for the challenges ahead.

Who’s in the Picture?

Reinforce your company culture and values without splashing funds with this event. The aim of the event is to remind your employees of some of the highpoints of your company’s journey so far.

The game entails dividing your team members into small groups, and then sitting them in front of a projector that plays a slideshow of group pictures from memorable events. The team members will then get to answer questions based on the pictures. Some parts of the pictures can be blurred out and the participants asked questions based on that. 

From clothes to background items, individuals, and the events, a lot of questions can be raised about the group pictures to bring back good memories, including “who is in the picture?” “How long did the event last?” “Who stole the show in the event?”

Improv Time Out

A hilarious and fun-filled atmosphere is an ideal place to reinforce bonds between team members. With Improv events, you get to create an energetic atmosphere that instills trust, collaboration, and a problem-solving culture among team members. 

You can choose from a wide array of Improv games that can help deliver a good dose of fun while also ingraining your company values and ethos in team members. For heavier doses of entertainment, you can incorporate stand-up comedy (held in-house or in public, depending on your budget). When going outdoors, take advantage of Improv venues in Brisbane that offer group discounts.

The Barter Puzzle

Dissolve banters and misunderstandings among team members by pitching them against each other for fun in this activity. Give different teams of 4-5 jigsaw puzzles of with similar difficulty levels, and with parts of each team’s jigsaw puzzle in the possession of the others. Now, in order to solve their puzzles, each group has to negotiate with others to obtain the missing pieces of their puzzles.

This activity entails lots of exchanges, bartering, and deliberations about leadership issues. There will be an important role as well as crucial lessons for everyone in each team. The activity will also reveal the strengths and weaknesses of every team member and how to deal with them.

Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower

Another team-building activity that is rising in popularity in Brisbane due to its amazing effectiveness, Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower draws down heavily on engagement and collaboration. Team members are divided into groups of 3-5, and then given a toolset to build the tallest freestanding spaghetti structure. The toolset contains a tape and a string measuring one yard each, 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti, and one marshmallow. The team is given 18 minutes to assemble their spaghetti structure.

After building their structures, team members will then be asked to share their experiences and how they built their structures with others. Overall, team members will once again be reminded of the intricacies and benefits of team collaboration. And with a sharpened problem-solving skill set, your employees will return from the games with much greater motivation to work.

Sales Pitch

This activity pushes team members to demonstrate creativity and improvising skills. In the game, each team member is required to choose a random item on their desk and present a sales pitch for it to their colleagues. You can give them time to create a marketing strategy comprising logos, mottos, and fun facts to make their pitch more authentic. 

Everyone in the conference room then receives a couple of minutes to persuade others to buy their product. Interested buyers only need raise their hands, and a score is then collected. The participants will then get to discuss the highest scores and the reasons behind the success of the pitches. 

There’s a lot to take away from this game. Team members will have a whole lot to reflect on and talk about after the game.

Talent Shows

Give your team members the opportunity to showcase their alter egos for better or for worse. Make them feel welcomed to share their hobbies and even secret cravings with everyone. You’ll be amazed by the number of employees who have a custom superhero cape or who’re hardcore drummers. 

team building activities in brisbane

Set a theme for the event to promote various aspects of your company culture. Also, make clear what’s ruled out. Give everyone a few weeks to prepare. Each team member should be given turns of 5 – 15 minutes to wow the audience, and ensure that the MC is deft enough to anchor the event. 


Another team-building event that helps team members confront raw emotions and come to terms with their differences. Sport activities are exhilarating and engaging on the physical and mental level.

sports - team building activities in brisbane

You need to ensure that your line-up of sport events is all-inclusive and doesn’t disenchant anyone. Bowling, mini-golf, beach volley ball, scooter races, team sailing, kayaking, and more are some the most popular team building sports in Brisbane.


These team-building events will help your team members see things from a fresher perspective and strengthen their belief in the brand. Especially in a fast-paced city like Brisbane, these team-building events can provide your employees with the much needed-break away from the hassles of city life, refreshing and re-energising them for the tasks ahead.

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