Bring in the cool vibes this Christmas season

November 9, 2021

christmas team building idea

The Christmas festivities will soon be here, and its time again for some once-a-year holiday cheer! Here are some ideas to bring in the cool vibes for this special season:

1. The Christmas Stocking Relay is a great start to an office program, or to start the day’s team building activity. Start by dividing yourselves into groups.

Have the team members ready (as in a relay) with a stocking on one side of the room. Arrange on the other side the following set per group: a bowl of candy with a spoon. Agree on a time limit, such as 5 seconds per team member. Let the blindfolded team members try to scoop with spoons as much candy as possible. A team with the most candy (in terms of weight) wins.

2. Costume Party using selected office supplies for Do-It-Yourself costumes - This could actually make a great team game, and with guaranteed unlimited laughs too! Employees apply communication, teamwork and creativity using few resources and materials. This activity will get everyone to know each other while under pressure or while keeping cool.

3. Sharing with the needy - The Christmas spirit, in one way or another, involves spending time and sharing with the needy and less fortunate. Some groups and companies are accustomed to having this as part of their team building activities, in partnership with a Charity institution . This activity not only requires money, but also the effort to show up, but in any case it is the season for sharing and giving. One great example of a high-impact activity with team building in it is a bike brigade, where teams assemble bikes, and pass them on to a carefully selected charity.

4. White elephant gift exchange - Add a new hilarious spin to Secret Santa. This gift swap starts out like any gift swap, that is, until the suspenseful starts happening! All gifts are placed in a central location for everybody to see. A first person gets to pick and unwrap a parcel with everyone watching. On the next turns however, everyone gets the chance to choose if they prefer unwrapping a new gift, or “stealing” something previously opened. You can also add the rule that a gift can only be stolen twice. The result is boatloads of fun and laughs!

Just the same, you can add a real cool twist by adding in the unexpected “gift”, such as honest to goodness cookies, or a big box of some common but useful office supplies. This makes the gift-giving not just memorable but also conversational, and even worth the while.

5. Cooking Showdown - If your office has those quiet but creative types, then this is one must-try which will get them engaged and shining! Depending on the organizers, the cooking show may involve duos or small teams. Also for the sake of peace of mind and order, you might as well choose the most experienced cooks in the office and brief them beforehand. The thrill part could be who their partner would be, or how they would go about mastering a yet-unannounced dish.

6. Ugly holiday sweater day - Simply because… why not? Those holiday sweaters full of loud patterns and colors are the stuff of office lore. Most of all, just like the above tips, funny attires take the edge off of a hectic year, and get everyone to share in the laughter over the festive days. So, to anyone who draws the fateful straw, bring that brightly-colored energy and vibe into the office, put on that game face, and join everyone in toasting bad taste (at least just this once).

Just some ideas on how to throw a sweater party without the sweats: try hiring a photo booth. Allot time for a runway show (with wacky awards). During this event, random office friends and employees from all over get to be the surprise mystery-judges of the gaudiest sweaters.

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