Why it is important to think of others this Christmas?

December 24, 2021

christmas team building idea

Over the past months, social distancing guidelines and lockdowns have made a drastic impact worldwide. With this, Christmas might be feeling somewhat different this year, depending on which city you are in.

Despite this, we can help countless people feel whole again in these times of uncertainty, or to stop getting stuck in a rut. There is much to be done, compared to just hiding under a rock and sleeping the holidays away! How is this possible though? Why is it important to think of others this Christmas?

Keeping in touch or gathering in permissible groups is a way to share and relive common interests. Helping keep alive a family and national tradition improves our sense of community, connection, and of course well being.

One of the more dramatic realisations in the past two years for people worldwide is hitting the sweet spot between socially distancing, while at the same time trying to be “present”, and celebrating together. On one hand, some studies in social psychology show that communities and social groups, whether families, friends, and communities are a must when it comes to developing health and well-being. But on the other hand, those who choose to remain far off are unknowingly helpful, since they tough it out with social distancing to protect loved ones.

Either way, the point is that many people think of and reach out to others during Christmas because it is the one time (among occasions) that most people are willing to share the better part of what they have. So, imagine how helpful it is to spread the Christmas spirit - especially this year.

The more you check around your neighborhood, the more you might see that many people may not have family or friends getting in touch or coming over for the holidays. Those in nursing homes are especially vulnerable. So, the holidays may be lonely for them especially amid a pandemic. And it is critical to be more intentional in checking on others.

How can we reach out to others this season? A fun and surprising small group outing (much like a Christmas dinner) does not happen often and is a meaningful gift to be remembered for years to come.

Thus, if you get to organise some sort of Christmas celebration (following your LGA guidelines of course), you not only get to help people to relax and de-stress, but people get to have a sense of belonging to something stable and secure, compared to so many unpredictable surprises in recent times. When it comes to new normal gatherings, one revelation this year is virtual get-togethers (even virtual team building).

Other ways to think of others this Christmas is a gift-giving activity, or being a volunteer for a local community group.

Over the years of reaching out to each other and celebrating Christmas, we build up memories with your loved ones and friends worth keeping forever, whether these memories are in the form of narratives, important gifts, trivial but memorable items, etc. that transcend time.

As the year starts to draw to a close, let’s try to bring on the special time and effort in bringing some more holiday cheer into the lives of our loved ones. No doubt, they will pay it forward in the years to come.

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