The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Team Building Activities in Australia

September 26, 2023

Australia team building

Australia is undeniably an incredible country for outdoor team building activities. With its diverse landscapes, stunning natural beauty, and favourable climate, this vast continent offers an abundance of opportunities for teams to bond, learn, and grow together while enjoying the great outdoors.

In addition to its natural beauty, Australia offers excellent facilities and infrastructure for team building events, ranging from luxurious resorts with conference facilities to purpose-built adventure camps in the wilderness. 

As a mobile company, Beyond the Boardroom is equipped to extend our services not only to key cities such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Cairns, Alice Springs, Hobart, and the Gold Coast, but also to wherever our clients may be located. With facilitators stationed across the country, we are ready to bring team building experiences directly to your preferred destination.

From the rugged beauty of the Outback to the pristine beaches of the coastline, Australia offers a vast playground for teams seeking to strengthen their bonds and boost collaboration. In this ultimate guide, we'll take you on a journey through the most exhilarating and transformative outdoor team building experiences this stunning continent has to offer. Whether you're a local team looking for new adventures or an international group eager to explore the unique landscapes of Australia, we've got you covered with exciting ideas and tips to create unforgettable team building moments.


The Benefits of Outdoor Team Building Activities

It is widely acknowledged that reconnecting with nature by spending time outdoors can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health. This includes benefits such as enhancing immune system function, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress hormone levels, and nervous system arousal, boosting self-esteem, alleviating anxiety, and improving overall mood. However, an important question arises: How much time spent outdoors is required to experience these improvements?

Research conducted by Doctor Mathew White from the European Centre for Environment & Human Health at the University of Exeter provides a clear answer. Doctor White's findings reveal that individuals who spend a minimum of two hours per week in outdoor environments, such as local parks or other natural settings, are significantly more likely to report good health and psychological well-being compared to those who do not.

Given the remarkable benefits of spending at least two hours a week in outdoor settings, it's no surprise that many organisations would want to embrace this concept in their team building initiatives. In addition to the obvious health benefits, there are a number of benefits of outdoor team building activities:


Enhanced Communication: One of the greatest benefits of outdoor team building activities is that they often require participants to work together in unfamiliar environments, encouraging them to communicate more effectively. This improved communication can carry over into the workplace, leading to better collaboration and problem-solving.

Increased Trust and Camaraderie: Facing outdoor challenges as a team can help build trust among team members. Trust is a vital component of any successful team, and outdoor activities provide a unique opportunity to strengthen it.

Stress Reduction: As mentioned earlier, spending time in nature reduces stress levels. Team members who participate in outdoor activities are likely to return to work feeling more relaxed and better equipped to handle stressors, leading to improved overall well-being.

Problem-Solving Skills: Outdoor team building often involves problem-solving tasks that require creative solutions. This helps team members develop their problem-solving skills, which can be invaluable in the workplace.

Boosted Morale: Fun and engaging outdoor activities can boost team morale. When team members enjoy working together outside the office, it can lead to increased job satisfaction and a more positive work environment.

Physical Health Benefits: Engaging in outdoor activities can also contribute to the physical health of team members. Physical fitness can lead to increased energy levels, better focus, and improved overall productivity.

Breakdown of Hierarchies: Outdoor team building can break down hierarchical barriers that exist within a team. When everyone is outside their usual work roles, it's easier for team members to interact as equals.

Goal Alignment: Achieving common goals during outdoor activities reinforces the importance of goal alignment within the team. This shared sense of purpose can carry over to work-related projects, leading to greater focus and productivity.

Memorable Experiences: Another of the benefits of outdoor team building activities is that they can create lasting memories that can strengthen team bonds. These shared experiences can serve as a foundation for improved teamwork and cooperation.


Incorporating outdoor team building activities into your organisation's development strategy can have a profound impact on team cohesion, individual well-being, and overall performance. By leveraging the therapeutic and team building potential of nature, you can create a more resilient and collaborative workforce.


Outdoor Team Building Activities

With the proven benefits of spending outdoors in mind, you might be wondering what you can do to turn this to your advantage while enhancing communication, collaboration, and productivity within your team.

At Beyond the Boardroom, most of our outdoor activities meet that two-hour or greater timeframe. This duration allows teams to not only bond and collaborate but also reap the full rewards of being immersed in the natural world. These activities provide a unique opportunity for colleagues to strengthen their connections, improve communication, and develop a sense of unity, all while enjoying the rejuvenating effects of the great outdoors.

Here are some of our favourite outdoor team building events:


The Amazing Race

Modelled after the popular TV show, The Amazing Race is an exhilarating team building activity that takes participants on a journey through a city or natural landscape, requiring them to solve clues and complete challenges at various checkpoints. Team members will need to work together and communicate effectively to complete the challenges.


Survivor, another thrilling outdoor team building activity inspired by a famous TV show, sees your group divided into tribes (teams) that compete to outwit, outsmart, and outplay their opponents in a series of lateral thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork challenges. The focus is on working together rather than physical ability so the event is suitable for all ages and physical ability levels.


In the Ransom team building activity, someone or something very important to your organisation has been ‘taken hostage’. Participants must take on challenges, and solve clues to raise funds for the successful release of the hostage. It's an intense and immersive experience that requires strong teamwork and communication.


Combining technology with outdoor exploration, AppVenture is a modern twist on a traditional scavenger hunt. In this app-based challenge, participants will unlock GPS hotspots that contain a series of team tasks and challenges. This team building activity encourages creative and strategic thinking all while your team explores the outdoors.

Mini Olympics

The Mini Olympics is a classic outdoor team building activity that brings out the competitive spirit in participants. This fun-filled event is engaging and promotes friendly competitiveness among colleagues. Above all else, we ensure that all of our activities are inclusive and that all participants come away feeling a part of their team. The activities are more focused on teamwork than physical prowess and promote the key functionalities of a strong and happy team.

As you consider the numerous benefits of outdoor team building activities and the exciting options available in Australia, we invite you to take the next step towards transforming your team. Contact Beyond the Boardroom today for personalised team building solutions that will enhance your team's cohesion, communication, and morale. Give your team the opportunity to thrive in the great outdoors and watch as they bring newfound energy and enthusiasm back to the workplace. Don't miss out on the chance to create a stronger, more unified team that can conquer any challenge that comes their way.

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