PwC Picasso Team Building Melbourne

June 29, 2016

Leading into our program the PWC team were primed for our team building event with a look into their new office space and applying the concept of being in the right environment for the right job. So it was only appropriate that BTB team turned their conference room into an Art room with 20 areas set up to see the team create 20 masterpieces in which they were to interpret the theme “Being at My Best” on three different levels. These three angles were Being at Best individually, Being at my Best for Clients and Being at my Best for the firm.

After a short introduction by experience leader Justin in which he had to introduce the skills of scaling, which would be really important in the overall picture of the todays workshop, creating an art work and some basic painting skills. The team while a little nervous at first broke of into their teams of 3 - 4 and donned the coverall protective wear to equally entice their minds and their bodies into to taking on the new persona of an artist for the next 60 minutes.

A Key element to the canvases across the room was a unique shape or shapes that was the first point of attention for the teams. Using the scaling tools they were given the task to upscale this shape from a card onto their canvases doing their best to get it as accurately as possible. This would all make sense to the teams as the workshop drew to a close.

Once this critical task was done the room came alive with very imaginative and creative interpretations of being at my best. A Vast arrangement of art styles came alive on the canvases from a more Jackson Pollock kinda of splatter methods, to the more impressionistic styles of rivers, mountains, sunset skies and much more. As the time passed the PWC team became more and more acclimatised to their art environment and the confidence certainly grew with their tools being brushes and paint rather than their normal work environment and tools.

Also what is quite unique to this program is the way a team comes up with the masterpieces together, which in the art world is usually a very individual pursuit. The Picasso team building program really does give a great insight into working to a teams strength when it comes to particular focused tasks. Its was very clear across the 80 participants that there were some hidden talents across the areas of design direction, artist ability and being able to serve one to achieve the overall best for the teams.

As the time drew to a close the PWC discovered a secret hidden message across the canvases and realised those shapes would come together to form a bigger picture. The 20 teams then came up the front and explained their art work it was very interesting how the theme “BEING AT MY BEST” could be interpreted in so many different ways. As the final teams made they way up the bigger picture was revealed and across those 20 canvases was the big bold message of BEING AT MY BEST across all the canvases reiterating the message that while you work away in small teams, having your own interpretations of the ideas and concepts that ultimately you are part of the greater masterpiece.

It was very clear the PWC team really enjoyed this afternoon Picasso team building art activity and that certainly got one big take away for their next season in a new and exciting work environment.


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