Empowering The Team Through Amazing Race Team Building Sydney

November 25, 2016

Today’s Sydney super team building event is staged with a hot forecast this event was certainly going to test out the small team at Academy Travel. The group today would take on an Amazing Race where the teams would be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally as they would take in the sights and sounds of the Harbor bridge, Opera house and more.

Kicking off today’s race was right in the heart of the CBD at Academy Travels office. After the team were taken through an in depth break down of what makes up a super team and also given some insight into the pitfalls that teams can come up against in the 5 dysfunctions of commitment, trust, results, accountability and conflict.

As the 4 teams left the first stage after a gruelling mental test in the memory game they would head out towards the darling harbour precinct in a very fast leg of the the race. Commitment was tested out first with a bit a Russian roulette style sour lolly challenge and then onto a fast paced race to catch the Sydney water taxi waiting for them to take them to final stages of the race.

At the first split the teams would arrive to King Street wharf puffing an panting as they showed full commitment to the race. With Ferglets and Purple people eaters arriving just a few minutes earlier than White Lightening and the pink Ninja’s.

Always a favourite in the Sydney race is the water taxi ride taking in Sydney iconic locations of the Harbour bridge, Opera House, Darling Harbour and of course Goat Island, home of the old Waterats police show in the 90’s

One we moored up to the wharf at Circular Quay the teams would be challenged with a problem solving quest to fit a member of their team through an A4 piece of paper. The purple people eaters may not have had the fastest method, but google un assisted they came up trumps. A gap begins to form and with the race coming to a conclusion white lightening would live up to their name taking the lead.

One last challenge would hold up the team of Academy travel before their sprint to the finish. Today’s water bottle challenge saw the Ferglets doing everything that could to bend the rules with some very suspicious tactics. Purple people eater and white lightening showing supreme team work as they left for the finish.

First to Arrive at the Australia Hotel in the Rocks after racing through Circular Quay were the Ferglets. This was a very big surprise and certainly proved too good to be true when they posted themselves up riding in a Taxi, which is against the rules. The other three team followed soon after doing the course the legitimate way. After all the tally was done todays winners were the People people eaters with consistency through all aspects of the race. Second today were White Lightening who did make up some serious ground but came up short, while the Ferglets were destined for the wooden spoon for the dubious tactics that ran through the whole race. There only saving grace was a art sketch that was gallery standard.

Overall another great event for Beyond the Boardroom and another super team a little bit more super after today’s fun race around Sydney.


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