Team Building and Participation in the ANZ Amazing Race Perth

November 24, 2016

A beautiful Perth weather day was the scene for todays super team building event with ANZ retail bank managers from all over the region. Our Perth Amazing race event today was in true TV style with the more than one spectator mistaking us as the real deal on more than once throughout the race.

Kicking of the race in glorious sunshine the team would divide into four very competitive teams and head into a Blindfold game testing out the trust factor in the teams from the outset and to get them to their all-important first clue. On all accounts the unity and synchronisation of all teams was spectacular and so there was not much separating the teams in the early stages.

After a few early selfies with some city statues and some trivia hunting including a visit to the happiest barista in Perth at Mini Espresso for the next clue the teams would race to their next team challenge at the Perth concert hall. At this stage in the race there were two clear strategies that were being played out. First to arrive were the fiery Nachos who were there to win, and after some initial hiccups worked through the water bottle challenge to be leading the pack by some 10 minutes. Next in line were Gumnuts who cleverly brought in a complete stranger to complete the challenge, which was all within the rules. The last two teams McLogobutpats and Come up Trumps were either working furiously on being extra clever or they were just happy to have leisurely stroll through the city.

The racers would head east and test out their drawing capability with a sketch at the Perth mint and then make their way to the very creative and funky vibed alley way of Grand Lane for their next clue. Once again the Nachos would lead the way, but the Gumnuts had closed the gap and actually overtook the lead completing the paper scissiors challenge for their next clue.

The final leg of today race would further confirm that the race today really was a two horse race. The teams took their $$$ from clue 4 and headed into Chinatown for weirdest food challenge and then made their way to the Perth pub district on Murray and Hay street, finally arriving at the finish race location of the Stables Bar. Big shout must go the coming up trumps in this leg, despite being nearly 30 minutes behind were stirred on by the famous words of Winston Churchill “Never, never, never give up” and so they arrived just before the sun set and took home the prize for commitment sampling some deep fried ox balls, but also took home the wooden spoon.

The winners of the day though were confident from the outset and with a confident statement that they were going to win at the supreme court gardens at the start of the race they were able to fulfil the statement with a very fast time, complimented with 14 modes of transport and so great teamwork and competitive spirit along the way. Unfortunately for the Gumnuts and the Mclogobutpats there strategies just did not come together when the scores were tallied.

The jubilant Nacho’s team proudly took their medals and flaunted in in the faces of their fellow team member over a few beers and some great food. Equally excited were the team Coming up Trumps who raved about their race, got their wooden spoons signs and laughed over a $12 cab ride that sent them around in circles.

A fantastic super team building event with Beyond the Boardroom and with words like united, passionate, fun, committed, encouragement this team at ANZ are certainly heading for bigger and better things as a super team of the future.


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