Energetic and Competitive Teams from MLC Battle it Out for the Team Race Event in Tanunda

November 25, 2016

A beautiful sunny day was the stage of this wine region amazing race for a small team from MLC. On arrival the teams were dressed to impress all representing the teams for the day. We had 4 fantastic teams racing toda. In the black we had Save Ferris, in the red To Death, in blue ….. And in white ….

Kicking off our race in the heart of Tanunda the teams were briefed on some secrets to success by BTB experience leader Justin and then got into our stage 1 challenge fitting members of teams through A4 paper. Save Ferris were first to get away, with (blue) not to far behind. As a gap began to open up from the beginning only time would tell what strategies would come to play in the next 2 hours.

After the first stanza of the race the lead changed multiple times with at time all four times leading at different stages. Highlights consisted of a beautiful selection of Chateau Tanunda finest vintage. With some racers tempted to hang there an sample so more. But as they say the race must go on and so the racers entered their last stages of the race.

The next leg would see the racers put their feet to the test with some kilometres to clock up. One racers shoes gave way and so she toughed it out on bare feet showing her clear commitment to her team. Along this leg the teams racked up modes of transport in the small country town and got into the history of Tanunda.

As the race wound down to the final leg Blue streaked out in front and it seemed that it was going to be a three horse race with (white) clearly falling behind. Much to my surprise arriving first into Tanunda hotel was the Save Ferris team, but there was some conjecture about the accountability to one another with rumours of splits going on through the race.

As the final teams arrived into the finish line for this race today only time would tell and a bunch of tallying of bonus challenges would reveal the eventual winner. The team at MLC on most part got proved they could be a super team with great commitment, trust, cooperation and tenacity to take on the 10km they clocked up.

As the results fell into place Save Ferris, were eclipsed by the consistent and competitive team of (blue) with To Death (red)who didn't take their fellow teams to the the death as first promised by exemplified preserverance to the end. (White) too the calm approach and leisurely stroll through the wine town taking home the wooden spoon. Overall another BTB great team event and another team moving towards their goal of being a super team.


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