Team Building Sydney: How to Organize Productive Team Events

December 21, 2016

team building Sydney event ideas

Most organizations and companies organize team events and other activities for various reasons. Companies that want to establish functional working relationships and discuss issues that can hinder productivity at work often make use of team events.

Events which are geared towards the business’ productivity should be properly organized. For you to get the most out of your team building Sydney activity, Beyond the Boardroom has listed down tips below:

  • Don’t Lose Sight of Your Objective – Finding the right approach to achieve your goal is the starting line when you are planning for your team activity. You might come across various team challenges upon the preparation process that is why it is important to be clear of your objective. The activities for your team building event should complement your goals. DO NOT pick random activities because of their entertainment value, know the objective of the activities and make sure that it can be properly incorporated with your team’s own objectives.
  • Practice being Tactful – Be mindful of what you say and how you say it. You and your team need to practice being tact all throughout the activity. This can help your team to be more mindful of each other’s feelings. Expressing your ideas in a more considerate manner will make your team avoid miscommunication. The presence of competitions and challenges in a team building event can often make you forget about the limit of stating your personal views.
  • Learn how to communicate well – The important role of communication in a team can never be overlooked. It is a two-way process that everyone in the team should practice perfectly during the time that you are working together. If not, you can actually organize a team event that will focus more in improving the communication and interaction processes within your team. Nevertheless, being able to interact well with your team will save you tons of worry because they will be able to participate actively in team dialogues and process the presented ideas logically.
  • Appreciate the diversity of the group – People with the same hobbies and interests being friends is a normal occurrence and is most likely to happen even in a corporate setting. However, another thing that team building events will teach is you and your team is the advantage of having people with diverse interests around you. The varying ideas from different points of view make conversations and discussions more interesting. This assortment of ideas can help your team in finding innovative approach that can help solve future challenges and issues.

You and your team deserve to have a productive team building experience. Following the tips stated above can help you find the suitable activities that will make your team building a success.

Other people may have different views regarding team building due to previous experiences. They may say that those activities did not work for them while other might say that they enjoyed the events and it made their team more active. Always keep in mind that choosing a productive team activity depends on the objectives you set. Read our blog today for more team building ideas!

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