Adrenaline Rush for the Team Amazing Race Sydney

August 4, 2016

Today Sydney hosted todays super team building event and the employees at Sydney Trains were put to the test on how well they knew the city in epic Amazing race. From the outset the competitive spirit was there with the teams fronting up in fancy dress and ready for a great afternoon in the beautiful sunshine that Sydney dished up today.

Kicking off the race in the Boardroom at Sydney trains was a fitting way to start todays race. As the teams worked there way through a memory test to get their first clue there was not much separating the seven teams. The racers would then head beyond the boardroom and into a first leg of their race which take them deep into chinatown for cuisine challenge not for the faint hearted. Todays menus consisted of intestines, chicken feet and a few servings of pigs ear. All teams showed their commitment apart from the team of 50 Shaded of Puneet (Orange) who opted out when those pigs ears came close to their mouths.

The first pitstop challenge for the race was at Tumberlong park and with many spectators around the teams put their brains together to work their way through the water bottle challenge. The Finding Ketut (Red) and Fantastic six showed their appreciating for the challenge and decided there were a few bare patches that needed to be watered on the park land. WTF (blue) were the standout with this challenge with a very innovative approach to achieve their goal and get their next clue.

The half way point of the race loomed and also the water taxi they needed to catch so it was relieving that all teams arrived at King St Wharf to get their ride. Fastest at this point was the Green Squares (Green) who clearly were very quick. After a tour of the Sydney harbour area including the famous bridge and the Opera house the teams would arrive at the busy circular quay to receive their next clue, but not before testing their minds in the paper scissors challenge. The Green squares were not just fast they were clever too with a rapid completion of this challenge. Finding Ketut however were a little stumped and needed all the help they could get.

The racers would then head into the Opera house region creating a few selfies along the way before heading to the Botanic gardens for their next challenge. At this point WTF and Green Squares teams were at hyper drive and as result over took the BTB team. The commitment to the race would certainly be rewarded in the presentation. Meanwhile the other teams made their way through a trust challenge and as always various levels of trust arise. Wrong direction (purple) at this point certainly showed their team spirit and high level of trust.

Last leg to the finish at the Mercantile Hotel in the Rocks would create much intrigue as to who would finish todays race first with the teams closely bunched together. As the teams rolled in the first team to arrive was It Takes 6 to Tanga (Pink) followed closely by Finding Ketut. After all the teams arrived the last being 50 Shades of Puneet some 25 minutes later the BTB team would tally up the teams clever strategies.

Our amazing race is about not just being the fastest, but all the cleverest too with modes of transport bonuses, team spirit levels all coming into play to decide the winner. So todays results came in as follows. Taking home the wooden spoon was the team that arrived second to last at the Mercantile at that was fantastic six (white). Special mention needs to go to the Green Squares and WTF for their supreme speed through out the race. Team spirit award went to Wrong Direction with their commitment to the team via some create dress including viking horns, ballerina tutus and more. The winner today came down to a supreme strategy of speed and 20 modes of transport which saw Finding Ketut eclipsing It Takes 6 to Tango and taking out the Beyond the Boardroom Trophies.


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