Team Building Hobart Race with Historic Sights and Sounds

August 5, 2016

Todays Amazing race was to take place in the historic sights and sounds of Hobart and while snow covered Mt Wellington behind the city this race would be a hotly contested race with the team from, Maddocks Lawyers. After a quick briefing about being a super team the 5 teams came together to don their colours for the day and the race would soon be under way.

First leg of race saw the racers heading south towards the docks, but not before tracking down a few iconic Hobart shops along the way. One of the shops along the route was the only Pirate shop in Australia in which the racers would come up with their best pirate pose in front of the iconic retailer. The racers would then walk the historic south west end of the Federation dock tracking down more trivia before heading to Pennicott Tours to get their next clue.

The next leg of the Hobart race is always a favourite with Racers as they head to culture filled area of Salamanca, home of the famous markets by the same name. At this stage of the race the teams were put to the test on beer tasting challenge not for the faint hearted. The Maddocks Lawyers team as a whole were convinced on the first beer as the Dirty Granny, and all got it wrong. However their were some beer connoisseurs amongst the group with the Philistines (Orange) getting a game high 3 out of 4. From all accounts the teams loved a bit a Tasmania tasting and it certainly would go down as a great memory for the race.

The final two legs of the Hobart race would see the teams racing through the heritage alley ways of Salamanca and the finish location of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race before heading back to shopping district and the location of St David’s park to get their next clue. It was at this stage that the Ninja Stars (Black) showed their cards with an incredibly quick, but smart approach to their race. Arriving way ahead of the teams at St David’s park it would certainly take some catching for them not to win.

The teams at this location were put through their final team challenge with the water bottle they had been carrying the whole race. This challenge is all about putting your problem solving hats on as the teams would aim to empty their plastic water bottles without touching them and using 3 ropes to do so. This challenge certainly highlighted an array of strategies including the use of trees, clever thinking and clear leadership being demonstrated. The teams all worked their way through the problem and received their final clue.

As the racers came over the Finish line at Mures restaurant it would see the very fast Ninja Stars (Black) rolling in a massive 30 minutes before any of the other teams. The final 4 teams were much closely grouped with only ten minutes separating them. The question that would be raised is did they have a really clever strategy that would eclipse the Ninja Stars speedy approach. Once the tallying was done including a massive 20 modes of transport by the Red Necks (red) it was not enough to eclipse the Ninja Stars (black) who clearly took home the win as they were eating their after meal dinner mints while the other teams arrived to the finish line. Pinky Tuscadores (pink) won the prize for best name and the coveted wooden spoon winners today would be beer enthusiast Philistines (Orange). Overall a great morning with Maddocks Lawyers an another super team building event in the books.


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