Team Building Sydney: Tips in Choosing the Perfect Team Building Event

November 23, 2016

choosing the right team building Sydney activity

The variety of selection that you have for your team building Sydney is very wide and most company find it hard to choose an activity right away. Maintaining the happy workforce in your team requires great effort. If you want to spend time with your team after a gruesome project is a much recommended activity. However, if you want to ditch the usual team dinner and afternoon picnics, making sure that everyone will enjoy the event is a burden that you would want to lighten.

Beyond the Boardroom, an Australia team building ideas provider will help you to create the perfect team building for everyone. Check out the tips listed below: 

  • Know your objectives. Every team event should be outlined by an objective. Know what you want to get out of the activity you are planning to narrow down your choices. Most team building events focuses on teamwork, improved team communication and others even give you results geared towards the development of your team’s listening skills.
  • Consider the group dynamics. Be mindful of the activity that will fit everyone’s age and fitness level. Some diverse teams may need to consider these factors since these may hinder the activity. Contacting a team building coordinator will be the best way to handle activities that will fit for diverse groups since they have the know-how and experience as to the events that most people will enjoy.
  • How big is the group. The other factor that you need to consider is your team’s size. There are team events that are more enjoyable and fun when conducted by a large group while some events will only be functional for smaller teams. To quickly get the estimate of your team’s attendance for the team building event, send out an email three weeks prior to the activity. This time frame will be perfect since your team might need to check prior appointments.
  • Tailor fit the event to the group’s itinerary. Working on your group’s itinerary is the most tiring part when planning a team event. If the event venue requires you to travel 1 hour away from the city, your team will need to meet at least 30 minutes before departure time. The importance of considering these timeframes is to make sure that everyone will remember the activity not the hurried travel and transfer experience. Make to take this into consideration when picking a venue.

Making sure that your team building event is fun and enjoyable is a task that an organizer wants to accomplish. Before contacting the team building service provider it will be best if you already have an idea as for the tips we’ve mentioned above. Getting the information firsthand will give you and the organizer a better chance at picking the right activity that everyone will find enjoyable.

An awesome team building experience relies on the activities that you will provide during the day of the event. These activities should reflect your objectives but should be fun for everyone. If you want a team building event tailor fitted for your team, contact us today 

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