Team Building Tips: Common Communication Problems

December 19, 2016

team building Australia communication tips

More often than not, communication and expressing of ideas can become the main cause of team conflicts. Team leaders may find it hard to resolve this communication problem that is why Beyond the Boardroom Australia outlined some of the common problems that arise within a team.

  • Being overly critical of other’s ideas. If you have an idea of your own, most people will try to criticize other people’s point one view so that the foundation of their ideas will be shaken. They tend to express out their disagreement by criticizing the ideas from a person without trying to hear them out first. Be an objective listener. Your ideas matter as much as others do.
  • Not listening actively to others. Deliberately showing other person of your disinterest when they are presenting their idea is a major no-no in communication. You can only understand a certain topic if you pay close attention. Asking relative questions to get more out of the presented idea is a way to show interest.
  • Attention hogging. DO NOT talk too much. You need to give other team members a fair share of time to talk and express their thoughts. If you disagree with someone at some point, wait for your turn to talk. Do not cut in when they are not yet finished. There is always a time for queries and some point clarifications when presentations are done.
  • Talking down to others. Beware of using informal language when communicating with your team. Address them with respect. People are often offended when someone talks down with them. Other types of businesses might say that they can freely talk with their team leader and members the way they want to because it’s the nature of their industry. However, you always need to keep in mind that the office is a place for professionals.
  • Using the confrontational tone. No matter how angry you are, you need to cool down your temper before speaking because you might regret some things you say when you are in the height of your emotions. Maintain your cool, conflicts can be resolved in many different ways but initiating a fight using provocations is never an option.
  • Being too pushy with your own ideas. Your team knows and recognizes your skills when it comes to innovative ideas and all but you will never be always right. You may have has a lot of recognition from the organization for your great accomplishments but this does not mean that you can push for your ideas all the time. Acknowledge your defeat with grace.

The tips we have provided above all relates to RESPECT. Having this important attitude towards your team leader and other members will give you an opportunity to avoid miscommunications and other problems. Always remember that you need to give the amount of respect you think you deserve.


Giving sincere apology is another helpful tip you can use when conflict arise in the future. Express your apologies properly to your team so that you can avoid repeating the same mistake all over again. You can also read our blog, to find more helpful tips in building great working relationship with your team! 

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