Best Team Building Activities in the Workplace

August 22, 2016

Australia team building

Team building events are not just those out of town trips with competitive games that the company wants to do every summer. There are other ways to establish team camaraderie without going that far or spending so much time. You can improve the working relationship of your employees even with simple events and team activities that you can do within the office. These activities can even be easily done before or after group meetings.

Any team building Australia event done by Beyond the Boardroom aims to further enhance strengths of the company’s core, their employees. In a fun and competitive way, we organize company team events to help your staff to overcome their weaknesses and focus on their strengths so that they’ll be more productive at work. But there are also simple team building activities that you can conduct in your office, check out this list.

  • Back to Back Drawing – You can do this activity as an ice breaker during meetings. This activity will help you and your team to improve your communication skills. Divide the team to work in pairs and allow team to sit facing away from each other. The other person will receive a picture with a shape on it while the other one should be given a pen and paper. The person who holds the picture should give verbal instructions on how to draw the picture but he or she SHOULD NOT MENTION WHAT THE ACTUAL SHAPE IS. Simultaneously doing it will increase team competitiveness and will actually create more noise which should be is a factor needed in this game. After finishing the game the pairs should compare their drawing from that of the picture to evaluate how well they’ve done and the hindrances they’ve encountered.
  • Mine Field – Build trust using this team exercise. Create an atmosphere of interdependence within your team and play the Mine Field. You can play this game in the function hall or outdoors. All you need to do is ready the place by setting up a “mine field” course using different things as markers (office chair, trash bins, and even indoor plants). You should leave enough space for a person to walk through when they start exploring the field. Divide the team into groups or pairs if the number of participants is small. Ask a person from each team to put on a blindfold. The blindfolded person will be the one to walk through the mine field. He or she will be guided by the team using verbal directions only. Each team needs to finish the course at least once.

The activities above are just some of the team exercises that you can easily do at the office. Your team building doesn’t have to be grand. The importance of conducting these kinds of activities is what matters. You can always organize your team event on your own but if you don’t have the luxury of time Beyond the Boardroom will surely help you out. Contact us today and our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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