Ready for a Team Amazing Race around Adelaide

August 18, 2016

The team from Technology One were greeted with fine weather on a lovely Friday morning at the Elder Park Paddle Boats for their Adelaide Amazing Race.

Proudly sporting their company t-shirts and hats it was clear that although staff were ready for a good time they knew nothing of what they were about to do!

With teams having their first 2 team members on the paddle boats the race started with frantic peddling from all participants keen to get the first clue before other teams.

As the first clues were handed out teams set out north to St Peters Cathedral and beyond until they reached their first checkpoint for the ‘memory test’. With surprising ease all teams completed this challenge in good time and were off on their next leg along North Terrace and beyond.

The Rad Saps ( Orange ) were the first of the teams to make it to the Pancake Kitchen for their next challenge, making up time after leaving the previous checkpoint in 3rd. Not to far behind were the Echo ( Green ) & Rubber Duckies ( White) arriving simultaneously before the final 2 teams of Blue Clues ( Blue ) & Winners ( Black ) arriving a few minutes after them!!

The Rad Saps were first out of the Pancake kitchen and off on their way with the next vital clues with the rest of the teams hot on their tails – although some nearly missed the vital ‘ Intersection’ Clue. Its Amazing how when in a rush the most obvious things can be missed (take note in the workplace!)

As teams filtered into the finish line it was clear that this race would be decided on a combination of speed but also accuracy completing the tasks on the way…

The Rad Saps kept their lead into the finish but would this be enough when combined with their time deduction opportunities?
The final placings showed that not just speed but also the accrued time deductions would be crucial and although the ‘Winners’ had the most transport deductions the ‘Echo’ team would hold a narrow lead at the end, being the real winners on the day!!

A well earned beverage along with lunch for the Technology One team at the finish location wrapped up what was an action packed event.

Here's the final placings for this week's Adealaide team building event:

1st – Echo (Green)

2nd – ‘Winners’ (Black)

3rd – ‘Rad Saps’ Orange

4th – ‘Blue Clues’ (Blue)

5th – ‘Rubber Ducks’ (White)


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