Team Building in Sydney: Creating the Best Team to Build the Ideal Workplace

August 24, 2016

Sydney team building activity

If you're going to liken your business or organisation to a clock, then your employees or team members are the tiny little gears and cogs that work together to power the clock up and make it possible for you to tell the time accurately. Because a company is usually the sum of its parts, it makes perfect sense to ensure that these "parts" are in sync and get along well. Padmasdree Warrior, chief executive officer of NextEV USA, offers some tips on team building in Sydney that will let you create not only a great team, but also an ideal workplace.

Building a Great Team and an Awesome Workplace

1. Think beyond just a product

To get everybody up and raring to go, Padmasdree said you should create a vision that will "spark" a global movement. You shouldn't be content with just thinking a product that will help you reach your sales target. According to her, you must create a work culture that can outlast any change in technology, one that is passionate about creating a mark in the industry and a hundred-year legacy. This vision will invigorate your team and motivate them to do their best to achieve a goal that is bigger than them or the company.

2. Make it personal

The first members of your team will serve as the foundation and "culture guardians" who must uphold the high standards of workmanship. This is why it's important that you choose the right people to be the core members of your team. It's like when you're in Sydney Amazing Race, you'd certainly want people you can rely on to ensure your group's victory, not someone who will become a dead weight.

When hiring people, you should do your homework well. Ensure that you'll personally talk to the candidates before making a decision so you can gauge for yourself their potential and what they are truly capable of.

3. Passion trumps experience

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. However, even if a person indeed has the experience, he won't be much of a help if he lacks the drive and passion to contribute to the team. As such, if you're torn between an experienced candidate and a passionate candidate, sometimes it is better to go for the latter. Even if he lacks the experience, his hunger for learning and passion for helping could make up for his shortcomings.

4. Embrace diversity

According to Padmasdree, breakthroughs happen when different opinions and point of views meet. This is why it is important to embrace diversity in the workplace and to choose people from different industries and with different backgrounds to be part of your team. By mixing it up, you can find different ways to look at things. And more importantly, it can help you discover different ways to solve problems.

Nurture Your Team

Once you build a great team, you should make it a point to nurture them. Help them further improve their skills and develop a better sense of teamwork through workshops and team building activities. It is only then that you can create the ideal workplace.

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