How to Acknowledge Your Team’s Hard work?

November 28, 2016

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A successful team project, a closed contract that attracts number of investors and some other tasks that were accomplished by your team will never be possible without each and everyone’s hard work. This might just be another milestone for the company but for your team, these projects were sleepless nights and tons of work done for a span of days or even months.

Business owners, managers and team leaders should know how to acknowledge the efforts and hard work invested by their team. There are a lot of ways that you can do to reward your employees, Beyond the Boardroom Australia shares with you these awesome tips that might help:

Positive Effects of Acknowledgement

Motivation and productivity are the key players which are most affected when you learn how to acknowledge your team. Acknowledgement of hard work and effort in the workplace creates a constructive environment. Your employees will feel more appreciated and motivated once you make them feel valued. Giving credit where the credit is due is workplace etiquette that you should be observed everywhere.

How to Reward Your Team?

Organizing team building activity Australia for your employees is a two-way reward process that everyone can benefit from. Your team will have a fun and exciting day out from the office and you will be able to create a more harmonious work relationship for your organization. This type of activity cannot be limited to the usual conferences because nowadays adventure group activities also serve as team building events.

Another way to reward your employees is through gift vouchers and monetary compensations. This reward process is mostly used by companies who are more oriented with hitting team goals and other performance metrics. The reward process boosts the competitive spirit of your company’s teams. With the monetary rewards, it will be best if the reward will be given to the group than to a sole individual. You can lessen the tension and fierce competition for the reward if it will require group effort.

Take note that when you are rewarding your team, there will be a risk of others feeling undervalued. Not being able to perform as well as the people who are being rewarded can lower other team member’s self-esteem. Do not forget that they too have tried their best to achieve the required target or results, so it is very advisable to acknowledge everyone in a fair manner.

Your sincere thank you or a pat in the back can also make a difference. It’s not just about the money of enjoyable activities. Your team also needs kind words. From time to time, make sure that you are able to thank everyone for their hard work or pat them in the back when needed.

Giving out rewards has the power to break apart your team, be careful of the methods that you will use and make sure that it will not entice negative feelings among your team. All of them should be valued in many different ways and it’s up to you to come up with the most creative way of doing so.

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