Mini Olympics Team Building Event in Barossa Valley

November 23, 2016

The beautiful wine region of the Barossa valley was the setting of this super team-building event. Hosted at the Novotel resort in Tanunda a team of managers and senior staff of Discovery Park participated in a hotly contested mini Olympics over three scorching pre summer days.

The mini Olympics team building event was ran three times with a total of 15 teams competing over the 3 days. The usual Olympics specials of Javelin and volleyball were in the mix, however there was a slight tweak to majority of the events gearing it towards a day in the life of the Discovery Park venues around Australia.

The competitive drive was evident across the three days with many highlights, athletic prowess and a bunch of laughs and funny moments. The highlights ranged throughout the program and the different skills sets of each activity meant there were shining stars across the 90 participants.

Highlight of the event was definitely the call out relay where the teams took on the persona of a discovery park onsite worker in which they undertook a course of bathroom robes, missing keys, hoses and hanging out the linen. The pace across the three races was fast and furious and sabotage was at an all time high. From the three rounds Trump, Red Devils and Blue Brothers +1 would emerge victorious.

Among other highlights of the Mini Olympics certainly was the team song that emerged from the surprisingly creative group. Fearful faces and uncertainty gave way to a barber shot quartet performance by Beyond Blue. Bad ass Bandicoots got into the grove with a rendition of top 40 happy song making waves on the radio. And Trump had their fellow team members in stitches with a true TRUMP song exerting confidence, arrogance and victory.

As the results fell into place the array of activities would see the consistent Mean Green Machine come through the heat, challenges and exuded extreme determination to take the victory medals. On the other end of the scale the event were the Shake and Break team and their team name certainly showed that they kind of broke down towards the end taking home the wooden spoon and last place for their efforts.

Over all a fantastic event at the Novotel with Discovery Park management team and another event in the books for Beyond the Boardroom


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