Tips to Help You Think Creatively and Strategically

November 21, 2016

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Being a team leader entails many different responsibilities. Having a team that depends on your decision is a duty that is very hard to fulfill especially if you also encounter some problems yourself. Your role as leader might get a little harder once you are full with worries. The right attitude and great team leader skills will help you overcome any challenges you might face. And having the best leadership training will aid you do the roles better.

To improve your thinking styles as the leader of your team, follow these easy tips:

  • Create a list of all creative and strategic tasks you are responsible for. It will also help if you include some challenges that you think you’ll be facing while doing the tasks. In your list, you need to identify the tasks that you can accomplish alone and the tasks which will require help from your team members.
  • Your alone time can also function as your thinking time. Make sure that your thinking time will take you away from distractions. Having no phone or laptop during your thinking time will help you hatch more innovative ideas.
  • Spend time with your team members in a place outside work. It can be a different team building activity Australia. Team meetings and events done in a different place can actually give you more creative ideas; just make sure that the location is not crowded. Strategic ideas are also incited in places that pose a challenge. Galleries and parks are perfect locations for your team challenges.
  • Manage your emails correctly. Incoming emails are hard to predict, take your time in unsubscribing from sources that you don’t actually read. Make sure that you only receive information that you actually use. Set a time to read and reply to emails. Ideal time will be during the start and end of your work shift. Having an advisory note regarding this in your email signature will help guide team as well.
  • If some of your meetings are unproductive you better screen that out from your schedule. If they are not critical to your role, be polite in declining them and make sure that you only attend meetings which affect your work.
  • It’s always best to start your day away from the ‘chatter’. Once or twice a week you can turn off any communication device. Sit alone for half an hour at least and try to free your mind from work. You might have a hard time at first but this will actually help your brain to be more productive. Fresh ideas and other strategies will later be available if you keep your mind from obsessing over the solutions which might have failed you. In order for news ideas and information to be created you need provide a room for assimilation in your brain.

Challenges will always be present at work. Team leaders are always tasked the hard work of thinking for innovative solutions. If you can practice these practical tips and found it effective, you too can share it to your team. For more helpful team building tips, follow our blog here!


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