Employee Satisfaction: 5 Tips to Make Your Team Feel Valued

July 11, 2016

team building in Australia

Let’s face it! People often leave a company not just because of poor compensation. It is not just about the money; many employees leave their jobs because of their team leaders. Above any other factors, employee turnover can also be associated with their dissatisfaction of their leaders.

How can we turn this around you ask? Simple, make them feel valued and appreciated. Motivate your team. Check out these five tips that you can do to improve your leadership style.

  • Relate to them. Your staff does not need intense scolding if they make a mistake. Do not make them feel that you are always above them. You were also once a team member, and you know how bad it is when you get a round of scolding when you make mistakes. Ask them for reasons why they made such mistake and offer them your hand for assistance. Allow them to overcome their problems at work with you support. They are just often shy to ask for help when it comes to unfamiliar tasks and as a leader, it is your responsibility to take the first step.
  • Set realistic expectations. Earn your team's trust by keeping your word. Do not make over the top promises for great incentives. Overexcitement over high promises can cause trouble for you and your team if not met. It might unravel the team rapport that you worked hard to build. Set the expectations on a realistic scale and work towards a common goal and keep your promised incentive after. Victory after finishing up a work surely taste sweet.
  • Create opportunities. The growth of your team relies on your ability to create opportunities. Team building Australia, leadership workshops, and meaningful team events will help foster camaraderie and personal growth for your staff. Help develop your team’s skills by allowing them to enjoy seminars and workshops that the company can provide them. Let them grow and see their potentials to make them feel that they are advancing to the next step of their career with your guidance.
  • Make time for them. Having a chat or a short conversation to keep up with the activities at the office is also a way to make them feel that you are interested in how they are doing at work. A short time spent on keeping up with your team is a simple leadership tip that we often disregard because we keep on insisting that we are BUSY to make time for it. The next time you meet your staff start by simply greeting them and asking how their day is going.
  • Be real with them. If they ask for feedback, be honest and tell them the truth. Truthful feedback may result in an awkward conversation but shielding your staff from it won’t do them any good. Make sure that you deliver feedback truthfully to help improve their quality of work. Being transparent doesn’t mean that you need to be rude with your feedbacks, offer constructive criticism, and your staff will surely do the rest.

Make your team believe in your leadership. Performance metrics, quota, and other productivity factors may preoccupy a leader’s mind, but you need to keep in mind that your employees aren’t mere numbers, see them as people with feelings. Help them succeed and they’ll surely help you in return.

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