Equinix - Amazing Race Sydney

July 14, 2016

The "super" Amazing race team building event is all about fun and adventure and today race around Sydney certainly delivered on all accounts today. We had 23 racers today mostly from Equinix' HR Department Hong Kong. This was a great way to show them the sights and sounds of Sydney city life packed with a little bit of competitive spirit.

Today's race started in the Intercontinental Hotel foyer and once the formalities was done and the teams were donned in their team colours and bonded together with a united team name they were off on a race around Sydney and the first stop was to track down a Eel in the beautiful botanic Gardens. Once this task was ticked off the teams would take on the ferocious winds around the circular key area and track down their second clue, but not without an photographic interpretation of what is means to be a good team. Team Honking (Blue) took flight with this challenge forming the Flying V like that of a flock of birds. Appropriate because with this wind they could have taken off.

Next leg would see the racers explore the historic rocks area, finding their way through the maze that it is to track down their elusive answers. With time ticking and a deadline to meet the racers arrived to the commissioners steps to take the ocean way that's is Sydney taxi service on water. With the water looking more like surf the racers were taken on a boat ride of epic proportions and hoots and smiles certainly told the story for the Hong Kong locals.

The last leg would see the racers explore the darling harbour region and the race would certainly be decided in this thought provoking, mind bending and taste tantalising section of our Amazing Race. As they racers left King St wharf they were challenged with the infamous Paper and Scissors challenge, which certainly saw the mental strength rise to the top. The Winning Team (Yellow) started to show there hand as they put their foot down and raced out in front. The White Wallabies (White) were not to far behind. At the same time Milk T (Black) and Honking (blue) would hit a little bit of snag.

As the race progresses our challenges increase and so after the teams did their best to monkey around the darling quarter playground they arrived to the mind bending Water Bottle challenge. Various approaches unfolded before our eyes with the White team certainly showing their ingenuity when it came to problem solving, but would it see them catch the fast tracking The Winning Team (yellow).

The last stretch the racers would show their commitment to the teams cause with the weirdest food challenge at Chinatown. Today's menu did not disappoint with Chicken Feet, Pigs intestine, Pigs Ears and Tortoise Toe all up for grabs. Committed this team from Equinix they were and as the arrived in Nick Seaford restaurant the finish location of the race it was only fitting to see The Winning Team (Yellow) arriving in very quick time. But the big question was were they not just the fastest, but the cleverest too.

As the other teams arrived and jumped on the Amazing Race floor mat the tallying would begin. The racers were all eager to hear how they went and after tallying their challenges, transport and food commitment and race time. The results would roll out as follows.The white Wallabies (White) had an attention to detail nailing the Sydney trivia, but unfortunately their lack of speed would not bring them back into contention taking the wooden spoon, In third was the Flying birds that is Honking (Blue), who started out quick, but lost momentum as the race went on. Milk T (Black) were the surprise packet when leaving KIng St Wharf last it would be a mighty effort to come back and that's exactly what they did. Unfortunately just falling short of the eventual victors and appropriately named The Winning Team (Yellow) who were fast and had a majority approach to their challenges which would give them the win. So that was for this Amazing Race, a team building in Sydney that will go down in these Hong Kong workers as memory that lasts.


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