Shriro Survivor Barossa Valley Team Building

July 6, 2016

The beautiful Barossa Valley was the backdrop to this team building challenge where two tribes from Schriro would go against each other in battle of the physical, the mind and their ability to come together and work as a team.

With the pouring rain outside this event would see our participants stay dry and instead work in the confines of the Barossa Novotel Resort conference room. As the contestants arrived this conference room was turned into tribal camp and with the competitive spirit between the two teams would certainly be interesting as they took to the survivor challenges.

Over the next few hours the Schriro team would be tested on a number of different areas about being a great team and from the outset the battle was going to be a close one. In the first hour I would test out the teams ability to focus with the Memory game, the teams ability to problem solve with the magic carpet and the puzzle and finally before the break whether the teams could be result driven with Noodling around. After the first stanza of games the tribes, Pagani (Yellow) meaning perfection in Italian and Anatomy of Death (Green) were evenly poised heading into the last hour.

As the tribes came back the Survivor Camp would present the team with some more survivor challenges. With ropes, tin cans, bungy cord, cups and much more the tribes were in for a great last hour of fun team building. The tension in the room was evident and I knew that the last hour would hit fever pitch as the contest would come to a close.

In the second stanza, the teams took on the always intriguing company secrets game, which would see the teams having to strategise, listen to each others ideas and execute their plans. Team Pagani (yellow) would utilise strength and team unity in the first round to take home the win and Anatomy of Death (Green) would rely on their South African rope skills likened to catching a farm animal, but unfortunately not being able to complete the challenge.

The final few challenges would see this survivor event go down as a great day with the tribes leading each other with silent communication in the Blindfold Pick up games all about trust and it was clear that Anatomy Death had mastered this challenge with clear consistent communication, while Pagani at times look like they were practicing swimming strokes trying to track down the elusive items on the floor.

To finish off the Survivor Barossa team event we let the ping pong balls fly in the always humorous bucket head game and some beautiful broadway productions in the team chant. As the dust settled the rain outside got harder it would see the aptly named Pagani, meaning perfection come out on top and take home the Beyond the Boardroom medals. Unfortunately with the just two tribes competing it would see Anatomy of Death taking home the wooden spoon. Overall a great day had by all and despite the weather the Schriro team came away with great team building event.

Written by Justin Monaghan.


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