What Makes a Good Team?

July 18, 2016

team building in Perth, Australia

Developing a team that will accomplish tasks and tackle innovative ideas that will help the company to reach its goals may sound idealistic but YES it can be done. A great team doesn’t just happen; they are formed like how a puzzle falls into its rightful place – piece by piece. Aside from a great set of skills, your team member should also have these qualities:

  • Emotional Intelligence – Having a team with great intellectual and technical skills will only be a waste if they don’t possess the emotional intelligence needed when working with others. Social sensitivity or the capacity to understand other people’s feelings rules out the overall intelligence of a group when it comes to putting up high-quality work. As a leader you need to observe how your members interact when they are brainstorming and negotiating. Emotional intelligence is a key factor that will determine how your team works well together.
  • Common Goal – A shared vision for the team is also a requirement. Knowing the objective that you need to work for will adjust the team’s behavior. Establishing the team goal will clear out each member’s role. They will be able to develop, understand and respect each other’s work.
  • Communication – Proactive communication and mastering the art of listening within your team is a key concept that will determine your team’s ability to process information that surrounds them. Being able to inculcate these two skills to your members will allow freedom of expression. They will be able to freely communicate and generate ideas during brainstorming. They will be able to address concerns within the team without hurting each other’s feelings. Proactive communication should not just be used for creating ideas it should also bring about peace and harmony within your team.
  • Humor – Fun should not be taken out of the equation. Everyone needs to love the work they do to come up with great results. Find team members who are still able to smile despite having a lot of pressure. Gather staff members who are able to embrace the thought “grace under pressure”. As a leader you need to make sure that your members are able to combat work stress effectively. If you see that they are having a hard time invite them for a team building Melbourne event. Allow them to experience a day outside the four walls of your office.
  • Leadership – Constructing a great team with the aforementioned qualities is a challenge and finding a right person to lead them is even a bigger challenge. Your team needs a great leader. They need a role model, a person that they can look up to. Find a leader that knows how to manage his or her people effectively.

Trying to become a better team or developing a team for your company will be a long process. Knowing what to look for in doing so will make your job a bit easier. The first step that you need to do is to identify your staff’s strengths and weaknesses. Know them! Start from there and you’ll surely discover the ace team that your company needs the most. 

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