Experience the Thrill in the Mega Adventure Team Building Australia

August 16, 2016

Soaring to new heights this super team building event saw 36 apprentices put through their paces and ability to work as a team as they took on the MEGA survivor course. This winter day proved to be a glimpse into spring with a beautiful 22 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It certainly was the idyllic scene for a great day.

On arrival the group were greeted with an array of obstacles and colour as they entered the High ropes arena. After a short intro to the day the teams were formed and the testosterone with all male affair. With today’s the participants would spending majority of their time suspended high in the high ropes structure. For most crew at this stage you might have seen nerves, but this group was the complete opposite as they harnessed up and were bighting at the bit to get going.

In true survivor style it was only fitting to get their tribes to come up with a great shelter using the BTB supplies that would need to stand the test of time throughout the survivor event. It was pretty clear that there were some very capable shelter erecters, while others were looking a little sad.

Once the tribe shelters were done the tribes would then take on the first MEGA relay for the day. This event would see the tribes strategically working through a course of retrieving items in the 18 metre structure and then using them to complete tasks on the ground. As the start siren sounded the teams raced up the structure in a flurry of activity and soon enough the Nyrstar star team members were flying across rope bridges, Tarzan swings, bike rides in the air. From the outset the Purple people eaters (purple) were first to retrieve the 2 tennis balls and slingshots that would be needed for the Maze board and slingshot and ball and pole part of the relay. Pink Bits (Red/Pink) weren’t far behind, followed by Gangstas Paradise (Yellow). But as always the ball relay would come down to accountability exercise don’t drop the ball with a little bit of difference today as the teams had to retrieve 2 pipes before they could complete the relay. The Purple people eaters proved to have too big a lead with a win in the first relay.

After some sustenance and a bit of rest the the team from Nyrstar would be put through their final challenge which would see the tribes taking on all levels of the MEGA structure which progressively gets harder as you go higher. Their aim was to work as a team to collect 9 pieces of the puzzle in order to complete the High Altitude Puzzle challenge. The biggest challenge for the teams would be the sky jump as the team members launched themselves off the top level in a bark chip pit to find the last piece in order to complete the puzzle.

As the tribes got in the challenge their tempo cranked and the nerves of steel rose among the participants as they traversed all the difficult parts of the course. For the most part it was pretty even across the board and it was anyone’s guess who would arrive to the top level first. There were many moments of brute strength and great team work as the tribes collected their pieces along the way. It was once again the Purple people eaters who rose to the top and were first to get to the sky jump. Hot on their heels however were Pink Bits who wouldn’t be far behind the lead runners. After surfacing the last piece of the puzzle in the bark chip pit it was over to the problem solving challenge of the puzzle to decide the winner. As the minutes past it would see the Pink Bits take home the second relay, but with Purple finishing a clear second it seemed that their consistency today would take out the trophy.

It was an awesome day at MEGA and the team from Nyrstar certainly were tested all the way on their commitment and their team work. All teams and team members completed all the challenges for this Survivor style team building event. The team spirit award when to the Champs (orange) with supreme shelter building, encouragements and team song for the ages. The Blue Bulldogs took a controversial wooden spoon with some supposed sabotage along the way from Kiefers Team (green). It was very clear that 2 tribes exceeded all expectations today and the one to come out on top were Purple people eaters (purple) who attributed being the best at everything as the winning formula eclipsing the fast finishing Pink Bits. So that wrapped up another great event that certainly took team building to new heights.


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