LEADERSHIP: Best Team Building Practices from a Leader

August 15, 2016


The purpose of leadership is to build together what you think is not possible to build alone. Planning out great ideas and fueling it with the desire of putting up the best results can be more successful when done together with a team. Business owners nowadays have been practicing the collective way of building company projects.

But how can a leader be able to create the right environment and attitude to help their team? Check out these 6 tips that might enlighten your on how they should play their role as a leader.

  • Start with a small team. Change isn’t a thing that can be accepted overnight. If you want to establish new guidelines or work patterns you need to start small. Implementing minute changes in the beginning and going for the bigger ones works wonders. Make sure that you pick a number of people that you can handle. Walk before you run. Start with a number that you’re confident to manage effectively.
  • Trust your team. Be confident on your choices. You’ve chosen the members of your team because you think that they have the skills and knowledge that the project requires. Knowing that you have chosen the right team means that they are the perfect fit for the job. Give them your trust and they will surely do their best.
  • Set a clear definition of a good result. Your team needs a compass that will guide them as you move along a project. Be clear on the goals you want to meet and be clear with the definition of a good result. Make them understand that their input and your guidance are needed to create the most efficient way of achieving the desired result.
  • Allow them to create a plan on their own. You’ve set your goals and the results you need. Next will be the planning and strategy. Allow your team to create the plan without you. Make them experience building strategies and plans on their own. You’ve chosen them for their skills and knowledge; prove yourself right by being the outside person.
  • Review the plan together with the team. Rather than giving them advice, ASK QUESTIONS. View the plan as the outside person on the previous step. Test the plan for loopholes and shortcomings. Being able to question the plan without bias for the core team will generate new ideas for the project.
  • Celebrate success. Enjoy the fruits of your team’s success! They deserve a break; go for a team building event that will make them value the things that they’ve learned within the duration of your project. Make them appreciate the help that they’ve given and accepted throughout the entire process.

Creating a successful team for your business or for a certain company requires a leader that understands well the people he/she is working with. Leaders may have different leadership styles but their aim for success is the fuel that ignites their every decision for their team.

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